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Airbnb Refund

Airbnb is perhaps the most prominent online rental marketplaces for vacation purposes in America, which have more than 600,000 spaces listed. There are millions of bookings by the guest. Normally, one or the other will cancel the booking for various reasons. Airbnb enables refunds, and so receiving the service fee can be precarious.

In this blog, we will discuss how to get a refund from Airbnb, the refund time, refund during coronavirus, guest refund policy, and so on.

What Is the Guest Refund Policy Airbnb?

There is a simple and easy-to-understand refund policy in case of Airbnb cancellation. If you feel that the lodging is not up to our mark or not safe as described at the time of advertising then you can simply cancel the reservations within the specified time. Once you make a request for a refund you will be eligible to receive the refund.

But it is quite tricky if you want the service fee refund and hard to negotiate.

The one who hosts can prefer the cancellation policy, which the guests need to follow if they wish for the full refund. Within the time frame chosen by the host, guests need to cancel the booking otherwise you won’t get any refunds.

The host can select between six policies that might be more stringent than the other.

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Strict
  • Long-term
  • Super Strict 30 days
  • Super Strict 60 days

As per the policy, you have to cancel the booking before the scheduled date so that you can get a refund for the service fee. If by chance the host selects the option super strict days then you will not get the service fee refund.

Always remember that you can make a request for a refund on the service fee three times a year. If you have completed the time for the refund request you will not get any refund.

According to the refund policy, we will state few policies deadlines for the cancellation if you wish to get a refund for the service fee:

  • Flexible – Cancel within 24 hours before check-in.
  • Moderate – Cancel five days before check-in.
  • Strict – Cancellation should be done 14 days before check-in.
  • Long-term – Cancel 28 days before check-in.
  • Super Strict 30 days – During this option, Fee is non-refundable.
  • Super Strict 60 days – No Fee is refundable.

The time for checking in is 3 PM local which is set as default. But if the host specifies differently, take up the given duration as the baseline to comprehend when you need to cancel.

It is not that refund is not possible in Extenuating Circumstances, Airbnb will refrain its policy in severe conditions, such as:

  • If someone expires such as the hosts, guests, or family members.
  • Sudden ailments or sufferings.
  • Rules provided by the Government.
  • Commodity or possession damaged in the apartment of Airbnb or home.
  • Transportation problems and cancellations with no other available choices.

The guest if they want a refund need to furnish proof of the circumstances mentioned above to get the booking and service fee refund.

For the death of a host, a guest or family member provide the following proofs:

  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • Police report

If the guest does not cancel the booking on time but provides evidence they will be eligible for the refund.

Do not forget to submit the claim for a refund in 14 days after canceling the reservation so that you can get a refund.

How To Ask for a refund from Airbnb?

If you cancel any booking you can get the refund automatically along with the service fee. As the host selects the cancellation policy you cannot get the automatic refund.

Airbnb will investigate the case if you cancel the booking because something is impeding you from achieving the reserved location.

There are methods to ask for a refund request from Airbnb:-

  1. Via Phone.
  2. Through Website.

1. Can I request a refund from Airbnb over the phone?

Yes, you can make a refund request over the phone. If the refund is not provided to your account within the specified time you need to reach customer care.

Here is following steps to be followed:

  • Reach at (855) 424-7262.
  • Wait till the rep answers your call.
  • Once you get in touch with the rep request a refund of the canceled booking.
  • Provide necessary information and also proof for extenuating situations if required.

2. Refund request from Airbnb through the website

You can make a refund request through the website of Airbnb and automatically get the money refund along with the service fee.

When you do not reach any conclusion and running from one site to another to get the Airbnb refund then you can use the DoNotPay app. This app deals know how to handle complicated refunds and also helps to get back your money. Spending time and money might solve the issue so here are the steps to get the refund with the help of DoNotPay.

  • First and foremost, go to the web browser and open the DoNotPay app.
  • Click on the Chargeback Instantly option, and then tap the Get Protected tab.
  • Fill up the required information about the fee charged and merchant.
  • Now sign digitally and allow DoNotPay to do the processing.

Once you complete the above steps, the chargeback request will be faxed to the bank which also includes Mastercard and Visa Codes as your support as per  Fair Credit Billing Act.

How Long does Airbnb Refund take time?

You can get the refund details as soon as you cancel the reservation. It might take 14 days as stated by the Company. If you reside in India or Brazil it might take some time before you get the refund.

The mode you selected for payment will be the same for the refund to be credited.

Hence, this article will help you to get a refund of the canceled booking and the service fee from Airbnb.

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