AppleCare Refund

AppleCare provides software and technical support and also service to Apple hardware. The devices of Apple has a 3-month warranty of complimentary support. If you wish to have extra coverage then purchase AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare Plus. Not happy with the service then you should ask for the return of the money.

Can I get a refund from AppleCare?

There are different methods to receive a refund from AppleCare.

  • Via Website.
  • Over phone.
  • Using Fax.
  • Through Letter.

(I) How can I request a refund from an AppleCare Refund via the Website?

When you want a refund through the AppleCare website then just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Apple’s website for support.
  2. Then choose the More option.
  3. Tap the Hardware Coverage tab.
  4. Choose Other Hardware Coverage Topics.
  5. Make a request for the AppleCare plan.
  6. Select one of the Support tabs.
  7. Tap the Confirm button.
  8. Provide the product number of AppleCare and the serial number of the device enclosed by the plan.
  9. The receipt of your sales.

(II) Request for an AppleCare Best Buy Refund through Phone

If you want to use the phone method to contact the customer care for requesting the refund then go through the points below.

  • Dial the number at 1-800-800-2775.
  • Wait for the agent to answer the call.
  • Once received tell them the reason for contacting.
  • You must clearly explain each detail about your intents.
  • Furnish the information like username email id etc.
  • Now you need to wait for the instructions.

(III) Is AppleCare refundable by requesting through Fax?

Here are the steps to be followed if you wish to contact customer support through Fax.

  • Fax to 916-405-3973.
  • Now provide the Plan Agreement Number and copy of the Plan you purchased.
  • Lastly, you need to wait for a response from the customer care.

(IV) How do I ask for AppleCare Refund via Letter?

If you are not satisfied with the battery, you can opt to write or compose a letter to request for refund. This method is a bit slower than the other methods.

  • Write a formal letter.
  • Clearly define the purpose for contacting.
  • Provide the Plan Agreement Number and copy of purchase.
  • After that, you need to wait for the instructions. It might take much time to receive a response.

What is the Refund Policy of AppleCare?

  1. For Monthly Plans, the cancellation will be accepted till the end of the month for the last payment that you made the advance payment. You won’t get a full refund if the monthly payment is not made because this might be the reason to cancel the Plan which will be understood by the Company.
  2. For Single-Pay Plans cancellation:-
    • You will receive a refund in full in 30 days of the purchased Plan.
    • Over thirty days after the receipt of this Plan, a pro-rated refund will be provided as per the original cost. It relies on the proportion of unexpired Plan Term from the date you purchase the Plan.
    • If the Plan is paid using a Payment Plan Provider, Apple will provide back the money. But if by chance you owe any payment and without paying you cancel the service then you will not be eligible for a full refund for any payments
  3. It might take 2 days to update any refund. The time to show the amount on your account relies on the mode of payment you used while transacting.
  4. When the refund is approved, the amount will be credited to the original payment mode.
    • Store credit – The credit will be shown on the Apple ID balance after 2 days.
    • Billing on the Mobile phone – The time taken to receive the refunds is 2 months. The processing time will vary from carrier to carrier. Make sure to contact the carrier to track the update status.
    • Different other payment methods – It usually takes one full month to show the amount on your account. Contact the financial institution if you have still not yet receive your refunds after cancellation.
    • Once you requested the refund, you will receive a confirmation mail in 48 hours. You can also go to the page of AppleCare and check the status by signing in to the Account.
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