Been Verified Refund

Been Verified Refund

Over the years, background check websites have transitioned from entertaining curiosities into handy tools for looking up all kinds of information.

Been Verified platform provides background information about a person. It offers info on a person’s criminal record, email record, contact details, and other records. It is a helpful and useful website for collecting information. Also, this website is entirely legal. Users can very easily search public records of someone at a very affordable price.

Through decades, applications for background checks have turned from exciting mysteries into highly productive tools for looking up all sorts of information.

BeenVerified collects a considerable amount of relevant data from millions of official sources  & makes it accessible in a single place. It is a handy and efficient information gathering website. This website is entirely legal, as well. It enables customers with a quick request to gather data that otherwise might involve days of independent study and frequent trips to federal buildings, databases of government documents, and other sites where data is kept.

This blog will give you detailed knowledge about how to get a refund from Been Verified.

Refund From Been Verified

To reap the benefits of the service’s critical aspects, you will have to buy SubscriptionSubscription because none of their services is free of cost. They are providing SubscriptionSubscription based service. That being said, the advantages of membership are extensive with free history checks, mail history, criminal history, telephone reports, and more available to members.

In certain instances, they also provide reimbursement. They have a straightforward and time-efficient reimbursement process. They either reimburse your full payment or transfer your partial payment. 

At times, users want to run one report, and they don’t want to continue using their services.

You can quickly contact Customer Support whenever you want to terminate your plans if you are convinced that you no longer wish to use them and you won’t be charged further.

Each application of reimbursement is processed individually. Whereas if an application for refunds is rejected, the user can use the services of BeenVerified as usual by the completion of the billing period.

How to get a refund from being verified?

Following the reimbursement policy of the company Been Verified a customer can demand a refund only if:

  • a customer is not satisfied
  • if the services did not meet the requirements of the user
  • the details offered were not given to the customer, they may demand a refund.

Android Customer can request a refund by

In both, the cases mentioned the reason why you want refunds, and your reason should be valid. Also don’t forget to include your member ID, full name, and address.

IOS Customer can request a refund by

Users must revoke their SubscriptionSubscription using the same platform they have used while sign-up for a Been Verified account. You can use whatever appliance with an internet browser to request a refund. Only Apple will be in charge of your membership and not BeenVerified.

You can claim a refund from Apple for charges made by iTunes.

Stuff to note before demanding reimbursement

  • You can also seek reimbursement if the fee is ongoing. Try to demand repayment after the bill clears.
  • You need to settle the payment before seeking reimbursement if you do have a pending order. You may need to update details about your income.


  1. Open Report a Problem – Apple
  2. Login and enter your password for your Apple ID.
  3. Besides the product you would like reimbursement, you will notice a “Report” or “Report a Problem” click.
  4. Select the reason for the refund and send your application.

How to cancel being verified Subscription

BeenVerified cancellation by email

Notify the customer service department that you would like to cancel your SubscriptionSubscription, send an email to 

Clarify why you want to terminate and don’t forget to include your member’s full name, address, and ID. Otherwise, your email would be of no use.

Once your account is disabled, you will receive an email confirmation.

BeenVerified cancellation by phone

Contact Customer Support BeenVerified at 1-888-579-5910.

Mention your 9-digit membership identification to the operator and request to delete your account.

The number would be displayed in the New Member Welcome Email on the right of the Screen for your BeenVerified account.

BeenVerified cancellation by phone IOS

Since you have purchased a BeenVerified membership using iTunes, Apple manages your membership. To delete your account, follow these instructions:

  1.  Click Settings
  2. Open iTunes and App Store on your device.
  3. Click your Apple ID
  4. If you are not logged into the iTunes Store, log in with the Apple ID and password.
  5. Click Apple ID View
  6. If you haven’t logged in, they will ask you to do it after that Select Manage under Subscriptions.
  7. Tap the SubscriptionSubscription you would like to administer. 
  8. Turn of Auto-Renewal.

To terminate membership, auto-renewal must be switched on to off. The SubscriptionSubscription will be canceled at the end of the following billing period once you switch off Auto-Renewal.

You will receive a termination confirmation email for your connection when your account is terminated. If you choose to re-activate your account at any point, you will always have access to login to your cancelled account.

Been verified refund Time

Android or Website

Repayments are processed at their end right away. However, it can take about ten days to repay your bank, and it depends entirely on your financial institution. If you have concerns or would like to verify your reimbursement, please do not hesitate to contact them.


Once your payment is approved, the funds are applied to the same payment method that you have used to purchase an item. After your return has been requested, you will be updated within 48 hours.

The claim may require up to 30 days to reflect the refund. Inform your bank if you’re not seeing the reimbursement after 30 days.

Been verified refund policy

Whenever consumers have any concerns or uncertainty about the reimbursement policy, they can reach their customer support centre, and their staff will help. 

The BeenVerified customer service team is virtually always accessible and customer careful. The customer service is available seven days a week, and the staff answer customer inquiries quickly and thoroughly.

Consumers always confuse chargeback with refund A chargeback is a refund made on illegal or fraudulent buying transactions made by a bank to the holder.

Users can usually revoke the complaint within ten days, depending entirely on your bank, whether you have wrongly demanded a redeeming fee, in place of a refund.

Claiming that a legal transaction is illegal will result in permanent suspension of your account and reimbursement, when issued, may take more time to display on your account. It has the right to debate the matter with the bank. After a dispute has been resolved, you will not be refunded for the transaction.

BeenVerified does not permit its users to hold their SubscriptionSubscription rather than cancel it. So the only alternative is to cancel it altogether. However, they can log into their previous account whenever they want to and need another subscription plan when the customer wishes to restore membership.

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