Blizzard Refund Policy

How To Refund A Game On Blizzard?

Nowadays games are played by all people either on mobile, pc, ps4, etc. Some may earn money by playing games online and also purchase games from different sites. Today we talk about the site Blizzard and its refund policy, call of duty and overwatch refund, etc.

In some case, it does happen as you expect to be. Now take as an example for Blizzard, you purchased a game but now you do not want it the only option left is to return the purchase. If you use Blizzard’s to buy the game then you might get a refund if you meet certain conditions.

Blizzard particularly known as Blizzard This is a video game developer and publisher in the U.S established in California. It came into light after the famous game World of Warcraft, which was a role-playing game played online with multiplayer.

As per the reports of 2019, it stated that around 32 Million users are using Blizzard’s games.

Can you refund Blizzard games?

Many questions arise like, “Is refund possible on Blizzard games”.
The refund policy of Blizzard is not easy to understand at all. This means that if your refund request does not fall under certain conditions refund is not possible. If the purchased product is not being used and lies within the return period then you can get the refund after requesting for it.

There are two methods to request for refund on Blizzard games.

  • Via Website.
  • Over the phone.

How to get a refund from Blizzard through the Website?

Here are the steps to make a request through the website of Blizzard:

  1. Home page of Blizzard

    You need to visit the home page of Blizzard.

  2. Click the My Account

    Now,  go to the top right corner and tap on the My Account option.

  3. Sign in to the account

    Next, you need to fill up the login details and then click the Sign in button.

  4. Click the Support link

    On your screen, you will get to see the Support Link just tap on it.

  5. Tap the Payment tab

    Choose the Payment mode.

  6. Click the Contact Support tab

    Tap the Contact Support option.

  7. Clarify the request

    Then clearly specify the refund request in the provided box.

  8. Tap the Continue option

    Hit the Continue tab.

  9. Add the information

    Now, give the required details.

  10. Submit the request for a refund

    After completing the above step now you can submit the refund request.

How to get a refund Blizzard Game Refund by Phone?

If you are not aware of the online method you can opt for the phone method. Call -800-592-5499 and get in touch with the support team of Blizzard. But there is an issue with you cannot chat with a live person. You can only leave a voicemail, so make sure to include all the necessary details while requesting for a refund.

How can you eligible for a refund?

While Blizzard Entertainment has never allocated any rules for what circumstances the organization will provide the refund, you can probably get a refund on games if you fulfill the measures:

  • The game was bought recently bought in the most recent 3 days. 
  • The game is not started; you will not get a refund if you played the game.
  • If you are eligible but Blizzard did not respond on the refund policy parameters.

What is the Refund Policy of Blizzard?

Blizzard does not possess a crystal clear refund policy, however, judges requests for a refund autonomously. The refunds referenced in the End User License Agreement is specified with the features of Blizzard Balance:

Despite how it is obtained, the balance of Blizzard cannot be transferred to someone else or Account, no accrued interest, not ensured by government and except necessary or allowed by this Agreement, cannot be redeemed or refundable for any amount of money or monetary value from Blizzard.

What is the time to get the refund?
Different users have different experiences about receiving a refund. If you are eligible or not for the refund from Blizzard, it might take more than a week to receive the refund.

Issues related to Blizzard’s Refunds

The issue with the refunds from Blizzard is that they are under the control of the company’s reps which implies that, it depends on the purchase that you will get the refund or not. But it is a good sign that those users who requested for a refund get an immediate response from the customer team.

One user of Reddit has just replicated the reply received from Blizzard:

According to them, they do not offer refunds but if possible they will give a valiant effort to assist with support. If the purchase made and quickly a request is being made then there’s a decent possibility we can help. If the purchase has completed the deadline then we cannot offer you any support nor refunds.

There is no assurance that you will get the money back but you can inquire about it.

To conclude⁠—there is no guarantee you will get your money back from Blizzard, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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