Bumble Refund Policy

Bumble Refund

Are you among those who want to cancel their Bumble paid subscription & wish to request a refund? Then you are on the right page. Bumble offers paid subscriptions such as Bumble Boost and bumble premium, which can take a fair amount of your savings. Even if you are a premium member at some point, you may want to revoke these subscriptions to cut costs. Maybe you’ve found the right guy, and you no longer need the services of Bumble. Here’s how you can cancel the premium bubble services and get your bumble subscription refund?

Bumble Refund Policy?

Bumble’s Terms & Conditions website notes explicitly that refunds are not something that they would be providing for not only a Bumble Boost subscription or Bumble premium order, but, instead, all the other offers of Bumble.

The only option to get over a Boost membership will be to avoid paying for it for starters. For example, if you purchased a six-month subscription and you pull out in just three months by canceling it.

How to cancel a paid subscription to Bumble?

Canceling Paid Subscriptions of Bumble — iOS

This feature enables you to get better visibility or open up some added benefits on the dating platform, such as the possibility to see everybody who’s swiped you right, even if you’ve never seen them in your waiting line, and the ability to re-match with connections that have ended. Bumble Boost allows you to use Bumble with greater efficiency.

  1. iTunes & the App Store

    On your iOS device, open the Settings app and scroll until you see iTunes & the App Store.

  2. Apple ID

    Tap on iTunes & the App Store. You will view your Apple ID on the top when you open this menu. A frame will pop out when you press it.

  3. Settings Page

    To access your account, press the button to say View Apple ID. You would then be on the Settings Page.

  4. Manage

    In the Account Settings, scroll to the bottom till you reach the Manage section.

  5. sign in

    You would be able to view all of your active subscriptions once you are inside the Manage menu. (If Bumble doesn’t seem to appear on your subscription list, you might have a sign in with the incorrect iTunes or Apple account)

  6. Bumble service

    Tap on the one that refers to the Bumble service.

  7. Confirm

    Tap the Cancel Subscription button and choose Confirm.

Cancel Your Bumble Subscription – Android

Particularly in comparison to IOS, discontinuing your Bumble Subscription on android is much less complicated. There are two primary ways to suspend android subscriptions through bumble applications or play stores.

  1. Open the Application Bumble,
  2. Click the Person icon. It is on your phone in the upper left corner. It opens your profile page.
  3. At the top-left of the app, tap the menu button.
  4. Just below your profile photo, tap the Bumble Boost tab.
  5. Click “Manage your subscription.” 
  6. Please press “Cancel.”

If you subscribed to Bumble Boost using Google Play, you would need to take these guidelines to withdraw your subscription:

  1. Open the Play Store on Google or your phone.
  2. You can see a tiny circular button in the top right corner of your screen. A tab that includes your Google Account information, my apps & games, library, payments & subscriptions, Play Protect, notifications & offers, and related accounts will be pulled out by pressing this button.
  3. Tap “Payment and Subscriptions” It will open a new tab that will show all your active subscriptions via the Play Store app.
  4. Open the Bumble subscription This opens a new section from which you can cancel your subscription by simply clicking “Cancel”.

To entirely suspend the subscription, follow the steps provided above. Make sure that before the payment cycle ends, you would want to suspend your Bumble subscription before it automatically reactivates itself, as Bumble does not provide refunds. In either case, before the end of the billing cycle, make sure you cancel. Until your subscription runs out, you can keep using Bumble Boost.

How To Get A Refund From Bumble?

It has often happened that people have accidentally subscribed to the bumble boost, or they are not satisfied with Bumble, so they want their refund. As we have already mentioned, Bumble does not offer a refund Official, but there are two methods which you can try two methods for a refund.

  • Apple store
  • Google Play Store

How to Request Bumble refund By Apple store

If you are an Apple user, this is for you. Apple claims that purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or other Apple services might be eligible for a refund. You can use any device with a web browser to request a refund. You would need your apple login ID.

  1. Go to report a problem.apple.com.
  2. Apple claims that a refund could be entitled to some purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or other Apple services.
  3. With your Apple ID and password, log in.
  4. Tap it if you see the ‘Report’ or ‘Report a Problem’ icon next to the product you would like to cancel the subscription for.
  5. To select the explanation of why you want a refund and file your request, follow the page’s directions.

Request Bumble refund By Google play store

Based on the reimbursement policies, Google could give some Google Play transactions refunds. You can demand a refund from Google Play if it has been just under 48 hours since you purchased an app or created an in-app purchase. Within 15 minutes, you’ll generally get action, but sometimes it can take up to four working days.

  1. Open play.google.com/store/account on your computer if you want to request your phone, then open the google play store.
  2. Click History of Order.
  3. Find the orders you want a refund for.
  4. Select Request refund or report a problem and click on the option that describes your scenario.
  5. Fill out the questionnaire and note that a refund will be beneficial.
  6. You will be given a message that reads: “Thank you for sharing your concerns.”

You might have purchased your order on another Google Account if you do not find the order. Switch on your account and try once more.

Bumble Refund Customer Service?

  1. Bumble doesn’t have a customer service phone number. However, You can reach the Bumble Support Team online 24/7 in the following methods:
  2. Directly inside the app via the “Contact & FAQ” button.
  3. Email their Support Staff there Via their Twitter Support or  Facebook Support page.

Frequently Asked Question-Related To Bumble Refund?

What Is Bumble?

Bumble is a social platform that enables individuals to get in touch with romantic partners, friends, or business partners. On this platform, only women can make the first move to foster equality. The application is free, but the Bumble Boost & premium features come at a cost.

Will deleting a Bumble account will cancel my subscription?

If you try to cancel your subscription, removing the application will not help in any way. Your profile will still appear, and it will just delete the application.

What Is The Difference between bumble boost and bumble premium

Bumble divided their paid service into Bumble Boost and bumble premium. The more costly category, named Bumble Premium, includes a couple of the original paying bonuses and two completely new ones. Features like Incognito & Fly are undoubtedly convenient. However, luxury always comes at an expense – a Bumble Premium is double the Boost cost.

Final Verdict

In the last few years, date apps have been top-rated in a world where busy lives make it challenging to find people.

Subscriptions of Bumble are very easy to manage. However, if you are fed up with their service, you can follow the above steps to demand the Bumble Refund.

If you still have any queries, don’t forget to comment on this blog post’s blog section.

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