How to get a refund on CDkeys?

If you ever tried to buy gaming codes then CDKeys is your best-known website. It also merchandise items like T-shirts, phone covers, mugs, and different accessories.

CDKeys is a third-party reseller and this lets people seek a refund from it.

Wondering how you can get a refund on CDKeys, then this page is just right for you.

What is the refund policy on

  • You need to request a refund within seven days from the date of purchase.
  • The activation code should not be used. 

If you are eligible for the refund you will surely get it through the original payment mode, mostly Paypal is used for making payments.

While merchandising, Spreadshirt merch for CDKeys, and return policy is applicable to those items. Return the product within 30 days and pay for the shipping while returning and receiving the item.

You need to decide how you want to get the refund:-

  • Refund in the form of money.
  • Exchanging the item for another one.
  • You can also ask for a voucher in return.

Pack the item and deliver it through the mail. It should not be damaged otherwise you won’t get any refunds.

What are the methods to get a refund on CDKeys?

There are three methods to get a refund on CDKeys:-

  • Ask for a refund through the website.
  • Contact over the phone to get a refund.
  • Send an email to request for a refund.

a) How to refund on CDKeys through the website?

If you want a refund for a pre-order from CDkeys then just fill the form available on the website.

Follow the instructions to ask for a refund:-

  1. Firstly, go to the website of CDKeys and visit the Support page.
  2. Then, provide all the necessary details to complete the ticket.
  3. Next you will see a heading “What type of support question do you have?” under that select “Refund” and the reason for the refund.
  4. In the “Description” field clearly describe the reason.
  5. Now tap the “Submit” tab.

b) Ask for a refund over the phone:

Dial at +1 855-534-4806 and request the executive for a refund. If you are eligible then a refund is possible.

c) Make a refund request through a email:

Compose an email clearly stating the refund request and also the reason for it. After that send the email to

Before making a refund request you need to keep few things in mind:-

  • The activation code should not be used.
  • The form you filled online for the refund request should be correct with valid details otherwise the company would not approve your request.
  • While you send the package you need to make sure that it is not damaged.
  • As you know CDKeys is a third party so a refund is not guaranteed.

What is cdkeys refund time?

Refunds for gaming codes are expected to be received within 7-10 working days after the company approves it.

The refund for merch products might take a full month or more than that to get the money back.

If you feel that refund is taking too much time then check the status by contacting the bank and credit issuer or dial at +1 855-534-4806 and know the status.

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