CheapOair Refund,

CheapOair Refund

CheapOair is an online platform that collaborates along with airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and rental car companies throughout the world. It delivers various discounts on ticket prices, accommodation and so on.

So this article will be really helpful for the customers who bought a ticket, package on vacations or any different form of services through the CheapOair company but due to some unavoidable circumstances one cannot travel and for which one looks to get the refund.

For making a request for a refund from CheapOair one must thoroughly go through this article to know its refund policy and how to approach for a refund for the flight tickets and many other forms of services in a convenient manner.

What is the CheapOair refund policy?

  • The question on ‘Does CheapOair give refunds’ is ‘Yes’ but in order to be eligible for the CheapOair return policy on the flight tickets, car rental or hotel bookings will be directly relying on suppliers.
  • CheapOair is the platform that provides prices on discounts.
  • It is to note that once the cancellation and the CheapOair refund request is submitted the company of CheapOair will directly contact the suppliers and then communicate with them on the refund.
  • When the request in CheapOair refund has been approved, then the customer may be charged with cancellation charges and a refund fee.
  • As the CheapOair refund reviews
  • it is seen that the majority of the flight bookings and tickets may not be eligible for a refund if 24 hours had passed from the time of purchase.
  • Purchase made on trip protection insurance through CheapOair company, then one can cancel and ask for a refund in ten days from the day when insurance was purchased. The condition must be only that, respective trips must not have yet started. Cancellation of the insurance made after ten days of purchasing has passed, then the customer will not be eligible for the refund.
  • Flights delayed or if flights get canceled directly by airlines and you are surrounded by CheapOair Connection Protection, then one must make a call to CheapOair and ask what options are available for you. They will either provide you with some alternatives on a flight or a refund (may be full or partial refund) regarding the tickets.
  • The method of payment on the refund will be credited in the same way as used in the original form at the time of purchase.

CheapOair Exception Policy:

There are some of the exceptions to the CheapOair policy on the refund. It is explained below:

As per all the fees charged by CheapOair is non-refundable unless the users are approved to get the refund as per the policy stated by CheapOAir Compassion Exception Policy (CEP).

Who is eligible for a CEP:

For U.S Military (including traveler and immediate family member) :
They are eligible for a 100% fee discount for the cancellation, ticket charges, and bookings.

For the death of a passenger or its family member:
A discount of 100% fee on the cancellation, charges on tickets and bookings.

For inadequate customers:
A discount on 50% of the fee on the cancellation, reservations, and bookings and charges on tickets.

How to make a request for a CheapOair refund:

The methods via which one can request to make a refund on CheapOair is discussed below:

  1. Over the Phone
  2. Via Online (for an emergency like Covid-19)

1. Request refund over the Phone:

In order to avoid most of the CheapOair refund problem, you must contact directly to the CheapOair refund number. It is the only method of asking refund from the CheapOair company unless an emergency occurs like the pandemic of Covid-19.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Dial the CheapOair refund phone number

    In the first step, call the phone number on CheapOair refund at 1-646-738-4820.

  2. Furnish the required information and details to the agent of the customer service:

    Next, provide all the credential information and details by directly talking to the CheapOair refund customer service such as:
    >Personal details
    >Booking information
    >Amount paid
    >Date of booking

  3. Ask the agent to cancel the reservation

    Then, ask the rep to cancel the bookings and reservations on CheapOair.

  4. Request for refund

    Now, make a request to get a refund on canceling the bookings.

  5. Ask to get you a confirmation

    Lastly, make sure to get confirmation on it for future reference.

2. How to make CheapOair request refund via Online

In the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the customers convenience CheapOair assisted an Online form as one of the method to make a request for the refund. The form is available in the website of CheapOair and you need to fill the online form with details in the blank field and this method was mostly preferred for refund on emergency like thedoes cheapoair have 24 hour cancellationreason for Coronovirus.

Does CheapOair have 24 hour cancellation:

Yes, the 24-hour cancellation is available on CheapOair and thus one can cancel CheapOair within 24 hours and one must take note that it is mostly preferred to be eligible to get a refund (full-on original fare) when cancellation is made within 24 hours.

How to go for CheapOair check refund status:

In order to check on CheapOair refund status, one must visit the page of Customer Support on its website and then click on the ‘Refund Status’. Log In with the email address and password into the account and then provide the details on the flight.


If the status is shown as ‘Issued’ but is not yet updated to the account then one must make a contact to the bank in order to inquire about the refunds.

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