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How to get a refund on Chegg

Chegg is well known as an educational technology American company that is specialized in its services as an Online tutor, providing digital and physical textbooks on rents, the search engine on an internship, and many more related services. Chegg counts across 3 million users.

Chegg also provides an additional feature as ‘Homework Help’ along with the service to rent or buy both ebooks and physical books through the retail members.

But it is seen that after the return or cancellation of the subscription, users usually seem confused on the refund policy. As many of us do not have any idea on ‘Refund’ on Chegg, so through this article we try to bring to you and get an idea as well as knowledge on Chegg Refund as an overview.

How to Get a Refund from Chegg:

Often questions like ‘Can I get a refund on my Chegg subscription’ comes up when users decide to cancel or wish to keep halt their subscription. Read below here on the refunds policy and methods of Chegg subscription.

The methods on Chegg Refund subscription can be performed by getting in touch to the customer support service branch, where requests need to be made to credit the unused tutor minutes which can be processed either through the Chegg official website or over the Phone.

How to Get a Refund on Chegg Subscription through the Phone:

In order to Chegg cancel membership Refund over the Phone one need to follow the below steps:

  1. Dial Chegg Contact customer service phone number:

    Firstly, dial the Chegg customer service refund number at 1-855-868-1054.

  2. Talk to the agent about the refund:

    Next, talk to the agent on the Chegg refund request and desire to cancel the subscription.

  3. Provide the details:

    Furnish all the details related to the subscription account including the last charge and the billing cycle.

  4. Explain the reason on cancellation and about getting the refund:

    Lastly, explain about the cancellation reason and ask on if you are eligible for a refund.

Operating hours over the phone: Monday to Friday, from 5 a.m to 6 p.m on Pacific time.

How to Get money back from Chegg subscription through the Chegg website:

Here are the steps described to request cancel Chegg refund from the website:

  • Visit the Chegg website:
    At first, visit the official website of ‘Chegg’ from your preferred web browser at for refund.
  • Navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ page:
    Next, navigate to the page on ‘Contact Us’ on its website.
  • Click on ‘Live Chat’ option:
    Now, click on the option on ‘Live Chat’ which is at the right side of the displayed screen.
  • Submit the request on ‘Refund’:
    Then, at last, submit the request on the ‘Refund’ tab to confirm the submission.

Chegg Refund Policy

The Chegg Terms states that when receiving the Chegg Credit in lieu of services or goods or on refund then it won’t get expired. The firm reserves the right to convert the credit to cash and forward it to the respective address.

If subscribers accept credit which is particularly intended for cash, then they can easily convert the credit to a cash. And if received credit from the customer service then the credit won’t be redeemed to cash.

The Chegg balance on credit can be checked on the ‘Payment’ page of information under the ‘My Account’ section.

Reviews by users can be stated as Chegg is flexible on refund and returns service under some of the special conditions.

Chegg Refund Policy Subscription:

Chegg also offers product specific policies on refund about:

  • Chegg membership on Study
  • Rented or bought Physical Books
  • Rented or bought Digital Books

i. How to get Chegg to cancel order refund on Study membership:

  • According to Chegg on can switch the Chegg Study subscription between the first thirty (30) days after the billing of the annual membership.
  • The subscriber will be refunded automatically for the payment that was charged at the time of ‘Sign In’ for the annual subscription on Chegg Study.
  • The refund will be initiated back as the same way on the method that was originated at the time of payment at least within the five working days.

ii. How to get a Chegg refund membership on Rented and Bought Physical Books:

  • If users are not convinced with physical books that were received or may realize that the Physical Book ordered is not needed then one must refer to the Chegg Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy.
  • The policy claims that one must plainly return the book (physical) to Chegg’s partner (Third Party) in the exact conditions within the 21 days employing the same box along with the shipping label of prepaid UPS. The Chegg company will initiate the refund by making difference between the full refund minus the original shipping cost.
  • The Chegg 21 day refund eligibility will start from the day on which the order has been submitted. All the refunds should be handled from the point on which one had purchased the book.

iii. How to Get a Refund on Chegg E-book on both Rented and Bought:

The cancel Chegg subscription refund on Digital Policy claims that when users are unsatisfied with any of the digital books/ e-books whether rented or bought or have canceled the class that is not further needed can return back within the Chegg 14 day refund term and is eligible for full payment refund.

The steps one need to follow are stated as:

  • Visit the ‘My Account’ section on Chegg website.
  • Next, follow the instructions as per displayed on the screen.

Note: One can return a similar e-book only once. When purchased or rented a digital book that was once returned, then the same book is not eligible for the return the next time.

How much is the average time for Chegg Refund:

As an average, the credits may take at least five (5) working days to get displayed in the account. It may also take a little longer depending on the bank.

How to access Chegg Refund Status:

In order to check the Chegg Refund status one can perform the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the ‘Chegg HomePage’
  • Navigate to the section on ‘My Account’
  • Tap on the ‘Order’ page
  • Select the ‘Order Number’
  • An email with the information on expecting to get the credit will be also forwarded to your email address which was registered with Chegg.

Therefore, through this blog we tried to put forward all the essential elements that one must be aware on Chegg Refund Policy. And for further any query feel free to contact the Customer Support team which remains available on their operating hours that has been already mentioned above.

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