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Bothered about Cinemark movie tickets cancellation and refunds on them then this blog is for you. Some situations arise when you are not able to attend at the scheduled time and you cancel the ticket before the date. In other cases, like you do not arrive nor do you cancel the ticket.

This topic includes Cinemark movie ticket refund, Cinemark movie club refund ticket, Cinemark online ticket refund, Cinemark refund tickets app, etc.

A brief on Cinemark

Cinemark is a theatre that has departments all over America. One can enroll in movie clubs, purchase gift cards, and arrange any private function in the theatre. Nowadays you have the online booking option which is instant and due to this unconsenting purchases take place. What may be the reason to request a refund go through the blog to get the solutions in the best possible way.

How to get a refund on Cinemark tickets?

If you want to see a movie at Cinemark theatre then the booking is done through the website, mobile app, or by visiting the theatre in person.

But for making a request for a refund there are possibly two methods available.

  • Cinemark website
  • At the theatre

Are Cinemark tickets refundable online

Hopefully, yes tickets are refunded on the website of Cinemark. 

For this, there are a few steps of instructions that you need to follow:-

  1. Firstly, go to, and as the page loads, you will be asked to enter the login details.
  2. Next, enter the username and the password and tap on the Login tab.
  3. Then, click on the Refund Request tab.
  4. Now, type the email address you used while booking your movie tickets.
  5. Enter the card details like the last 4 digits of the card.
  6. Now, follow the instructions as shown on the screen and complete the process.

If any additional information is required by the customer service then do not fail to provide them. Once done you will be contacted by them.

When you purchase tickets you can pick any of the methods to pay for them such as debit or credit cards, gift cards, or the movie club card of the theatre.

How to get the refund by visiting the theatre in person?

When you are stuck and cannot proceed further in the online process then go for the second method. You can visit the theatre with the ticket for a refund but you will get your money back when you request it before the start of the screening. 

The following steps that you need to be followed:-

  • Take the details of the tickets booked and visit the theatre before the start of the screening.
  • Go to the customer support who is in charge and ask them for a refund.
  • Give them the configuration number of the ticket booked.
  • Also, display the card that you used while making payment for the ticket.

You need to be very much careful as you cannot miss any information required regarding the ticket for which you want a refund otherwise no refunds.

The online fee that was charged while booking the ticket for the screening should not be refunded when requested in person. So, keep in mind to make sure about the fee charged.

Refund Policy of Cinemark

Abiding by the terms and conditions of Cinemark is incredibly important because the refunds and returns are dependent on this policy.

If the show timing is ended and you move to get your refunds then this is not possible. In case you are unable to arrive at the scheduled time or have any other personal issues then a refund request needs to be made just before the start of the movie.

There are a few flaws in the Refund Policy

It might seem as if the policy is quite simple and straightforward but still there are some shortcomings that you need to deal with.

You won’t find any information about the customers who paid in cash for the tickets. This means that the payment method which is different from the credit, gift, or club cards is likely to be non-refundable.

Though it’s not obvious you can still request the refund by visiting the theatre in person if the payment was made in cash.

If you have purchased the ticket through the app then a refund can only be made using online and in-person methods. The app feature for requesting refunds is not yet available to the customers.

What is the deadline for the tickets for a refund on Cinemark:

If the refund is allotted to you and you want to know in how many days the money will be returned then check the table below. Initially, the time taken depends on the mode of payment.

  • Credit or Debit Card takes 5 – 7 business days.
  • Gift card on Cinemark instantly refunds.
  • Cinemark movie club tickets are also refunded within no time.

For the regular cards, you need to wait for some time to receive the money-back.

But no information for tickets purchased in cash which is a drawback on the side of Cinemark.

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