Clash Royale Refund

Clash Royale is an online video game developed and presented by Supercell. You can enjoy the game on Android, iPad, and iOS platforms. Here you can enjoy different emotes, gems, etc after purchasing them. Sometimes by mistake, you made in-app purchases and wished to get the funds back. You may not receive what you paid after waiting for 48 hours. Such type issues are common but refunds are tricky. Not all gamers get their money back.

So, we in this article are gathering information to assist gamers in getting back their Clash Royale refunds. We will be pointing out whether refunds on clash royale are possible or not.

How to refund a purchase on Clash Royale

The process of requesting a refund is easy and simple. But if you made an in-app purchase no refunds will be given back to you.

Refunds in Clash Royale can be requested on Play Store, Android, or iOS. In case you are unable to get refunds on request then try taking help on Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Purchases made in the app are not refundable.

How to refund Clash Royale Purchases iPhone

You have Clash Royale on your Apple device and want to get refunds from it. Refunds will be given when you make a request using the platform. Contact the iTunes store to get support. Tap on iTunes support then Purchases, Billing, and after that Redemption. Next, select the option according to your choice.

Can I refund Clash Royale purchases on Android?

Clash Royale refunds on Android purchases can be processed by Supercell via email or over the phone. You can also move to Settings to get assistance from the Help & Support option. Compose the message providing the details of the issue and also provide the game name where the purchase is made.

Refund of Play Store Purchases 

The steps involved for purchases at Play Store for a refund:-

  • Head to the Play Store and click Purchase History.
  • Next, tap the dots and outline the issue.
  • After that tap on the “I no longer want this purchase” option.
  • Write the reason for making a request for a refund.

The request made for a refund if not convincing Supercell, they are likely to cancel the refund. You need to take note of some points to get a refund eligible.

  • The box should be the original one while returning.
  • You should keep the item in good condition when shipped back.
  • Worn items are canceled.
  • After completion of the inspection of the returned items, a refund will be sent to you.
  • Refunds are received in the original mode of payment.
  • Shipping costs will be borne by you.
  • The company is liable to cancel the request made for a refund.

Some purchases made in the game are received automatically. If not acquired then wait for 2 working days prior to seeking help from the customer team. The refund on Clash Royale might take much more time than usual sometimes.

Reach the support team through email and get in touch with the customer team. This option is far better than getting in contact with customer support over the phone.

How can I get Clash Royale Refund Gems?

Clash Royale contains Gems that you can get from purchasing in-game. Items on the app might not all be refundable but Gems are exceptional. Clash Royale will refund the money back. Here transactions are accessed by Google and manage the refund request. You need to contact customer service and report the issues you are facing on the app.

Android users need to follow the steps below:

  • Google Play help service is the option that offers you help.
  • Click the Contact Us option and discuss the situation you are in with the experts.  You can get back the money that you lost while buying Gems in-game.

If in case you have purchased Clash Royale Refund Emote, you can also make a request for a refund. Provide necessary details and the reason when asked.

How much does Clash Royale take to refund

Supercell approves your refund and this is confirmed by checking the receipt underlying as “Payment has been refunded”. The payment mode chosen plays an important role because the refund will take place according to it. Credit or Debit cards take 7 working days to show up in the account. PayPal takes upto 30 days to appear in the statement.

Wrapping up, refunds on Clash Royale is provided if you follow the steps properly and the request made convinces Supercell to offer you refund before Clash Royale refunds are allotted by Supercell.

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