Coinbase Refund Policy

Coinbase Refund

Coinbase is a forum formulated for exchanging currency digitally. It gives the privilege to exchange the different cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Tezos, Ethereum, etc. Coinbase originated in the year 2012, which has the possession of one billion dollars of revenue.

Finding it difficult to understand the refund policy of the Company and do not have the knowledge of how to get the money refund.

So in this guide, we will discuss how you get the refund, what are its policy, if hacked would coinbase refund, BTC refund address of coinbase, and so on.

What is Coinbase Refund Policy?

According to the refund terms and policies of Coinbase, if you wish to cancel any transaction this is not easy as it seems. Want to get the refund you need to reach the trader for it. When you do not get the product you ordered then the merchant is responsible for your refunds.

In two circumstances Coinbase will allocate a refund:-

  • If your account transaction is not authorized or allowed.
  • The account transaction if incorrect then you can receive a refund.

It is necessary for you to make aware of these mistakes to Coinbase so that the matter will be lookup and give you the refund in the Wallet of E-Money.

Also ensure that you send the cryptocurrencies that are favored by Coinbase, otherwise the funds will be forfeited and are not recoverable.

What are the methods to make a request for a Refund from Coinbase?

When you make a request for a refund then you can select Coinbase or the trader that depends on the purpose behind the request.

 There are different methods to ask for a refund from Coinbase:-

  • Via Email.
  • Over a Phone.
  • Via Website.

1. Ask for a Refund from Coinbase through Email

When you find that the transaction is not authorized then you can write your problem regarding the transaction to Coinbase through Email. You just need to answer the contact form on the website.

Choose Coinbase as the product and select the country where you live. Now do the following:-

  1. Choose Account Compromised or Accounts not Authorized in the field of the topic provided.
  2. Select My account is jeopardized or has hacked in the issue area.
  3. Choose I sent funds to a third party in the field of What can we help you.
  4. Now Answer the remaining questions.

With this, you came to know that refund is possible if hacked.

2. Make a Request for Refund from Coinbase via Phone

When you are not interested in writing an email then you can request a refund from the phone. When you find that the refund is not authorized or the transaction is incorrect then reach the support team through the phone.

We will provide a few of the numbers for different region:-

U.S or International – +1-888 908-7930
UK – 0808 168 4635
Ireland – 1800 200 355

3. Make a request for a Refund from Coinbse through Online

You can proceed with this method because here the process is online.  Search the trader contact information, the email used while registering into Coinbase, and talk about the refund request. On the other hand, you need to furnish a refund address so that the merchant receives the refund.

Below is the procedure to generate the QR code or refund address of Coinbase:-

From the Web Browser:-

  1. Firstly, go to Coinbase and tap on the login tab to enter into the account.
  2. Tap the Receive tab.
  3. Choose the currency.
  4. Tap on the Copy address and mail it to the merchant.

For Mobile Device:-

  • Firstly, access to Coinbase.
  • Then click on the Global action.
  • Choose the currency.
  • Next, click on Copy address and deliver merchant.

4. Request Coinbase Refund By DoNotPay

When you find difficulty in requesting for a refund and also wasted the time and money then DoNotPay can help you to heal your wounds by solving your problem. Within a few clicks, your work will be completed.

DoNotPay will not let you fail. According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, it will gather information contact the merchant, and delivers a letter with the codes of Mastercard or Visa to the bank on your behalf.

In order to proceed further here are the steps to ask for a refund:-

  1. From the browser go to the DoNotPay site and tap on it.
  2. Then hit the feature Chargeback Instantly.
  3. Next answer the questions asked by the chatbot.
  4. Now verify the signature and then tap on Submit tab.
  5. The request will be sent to the bank.

How long does it take to get the refund from Coinbase?

If the refund is for an incorrect or authorized transaction that was induced by Coinbase, the funds will be transferred in one working day after you information about the error.

If you ask for a refund from the trader then it might take much time as the period will totally rely on them.

Return a transaction on Coinbase and get refund

Dealers need to grant a refund but should not send the funds to the Coinbase Wallet as these are delivered to Coinbase, not the people who requested for refunds.

If you want to allocate the refund then ask the sender to provide you the new address.

Follow according to the alternatives:-

  • Refunds will be sent to the email address of the Coinbase customer. Coinbase itself will confirm the customer’s email account.
  • You need to solicit the customer to generate and furnish the new address.
  • When the customer is logged in to the account of Coinbase then from the Coinbase address page the client can give you the address.

Once you get the Coinbase address you can now follow the mentioned steps to send the funds back:

  1. Firstly, tap the Login tab to enter the account.
  2. Tap on Send tab.
  3. Select the Currency in Pay with Section.
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Enter the Customer’s coinbase email.
  6. Tap on the Continue button.
  7. Choose the Preview option.
  8. Tap on Send on Coinbase.
  9. Lastly, go through the screen instructions.

Hence, this blog will help you to guide with the information on how to receive refunds from Coinbase. If any query then tries contacting the support team at the above-given phone numbers.

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