Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Delta airlines are known as the best U.S. global airlines in the world. They are highly known for their excellent services, security, reliability, and innovation. As per customers, they enjoy Delta airlines for several reasons. It has been reported that 200 million people enjoy Delta airlines’ services in a year. These airlines are accessible in approximately 50 countries.

While you are traveling somewhere, there are chances that you may have to cancel tickets due to some reasons. You may be wondering about the refund policy of Delta airlines refund if you have to cancel flight tickets. If yes, then this article is for you. This article will talk about the delta airlines refund policy of Delta airlines and how to get a refund. So let’s begin with delta airlines refund policy

Delta’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

There is an easy way to abandon a flight, taking the benefit of the 24-hour termination policy of Delta airlines. Travellers of Delta can easily refund their tickets that are being bought directly from Delta. But you have to be sure that the tickets are not purchased by third party websites. 

Cancellation policy of Delta tickets is relatively fair because the customer doesn’t have to make a call. Travellers can easily cancel the tickets and get a refund. This full refund also includes any direct charges for ticketing and prepaid fees. The great thing is that you don’t have to pay any cancellation fee for Delta airlines when you are cancelling within 24 hours of booking. 

To cancel tickets and get a refund, you have to make a delta airlines refund request. All you have to do is submit your name and confirmation number on the website of Delta to come across your itinerary. When you do so, Delta will display the choice to abandon the ticket. When you click on that, the refund will automatically apply in its original form. If you got your tickets from the office of Delta at the airport, then you have to mail your receipt to delta airlines refund email address, and then you will get the refund.

But it is essential to bear in mind that the flights originated outside the U.S, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Canada, you can’t request refund online. In that case, you have to contact the reservation line of Delta at 1-800-221-1212. Also, the delta airlines refund request for cancellation of the ticket has to be done by midnight after you have got your eTicket.

How to Get Money Back If You Cancel Your Flight?

It’s also possible to get a refund for those who cancel the ticket after24 hours. To check whether a ticket is refundable, visit Delta’s website ( and insert the document or ticket number and the delta airlines ticket refund availability and details will be shown by the airline. You can also cancel the itinerary even if your ticket is not refundable and apply the price to a future trip. A modification fee will apply in this case. Some tickets are not available for any refunds or modifications, such as basic cheap fares. It’s better to approach the agent for changes for those who have purchased the tickets from any of the travel agency.

Refunds for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

If your flight has been canceled or late or if it has been downgraded, travelers may request a refund. Delta flights have an online “Refund Exception Form” that in these cases which can be filled for this purpose. In the form, you have to fill in information regarding contact information, information about the flight, and the application’s reason.

How to Change a Delta Nonrefundable Ticket?

Suppose you got a non-refundable Delta Airlines flight and you wish to cancel it. In that case, a cancellation charge will be excluded from the ticket’s actual fare and the remaining amount will be given as a potential travel credit. Within one year from the initial date of the question, you have to rebook your flight.

The Delta Change Fee

You can always go to the Delta website after the 24-hours and check for your booking by traveller full name and flight number, and do significant adjustments there. Moreover, if you do any changes then you have to pay a hefty amount. For flights throughout the 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S., the Delta transition fee The Virgin Islands is $200. However, depending on your fare type and location, Delta-marketed airline routes’ change fee will range anywhere from $200 to $500.

Delta Standby and Same-Day Rules

Delta provides cheap change fees and a many other exclusive options for altering your travel plans in between 24 hours of the previously planned departure of your flight, like so many other airlines. However, if you like to change your flight to another Delta flight then you have to pay some fee for that.

This charge can be deferred for flyers that have achieved the Diamond, Gold or Platinum thresholds in Delta’s regular flyer program. Moreover, if you are ready to change your flight without confirmed ticket to another Delta flight on the same day then you can flu standby. The same amount of fee will be charged to you, but it will not be collected until you are granted a seat on another flight.

The External Ticket Handling Charge

If the customer did not schedule the ticket direct from Delta, an extra $50 would be levied as an “external ticket handling charge.” This refers to bookings made by another party, such as a conventional travel agent, an online travel agency. Now, the great news is: If you really can switch your ticket directly via the website of Delta website, the charge will be deferred. It also does not apply to verified ticket adjustments performed in between 24 hours of flight’s scheduled departure on the same day.

Award Ticket

However, you can cancel the award ticket bought utilizing your Delta SkyMiles and cancel the ticket at least 72 hours before the departure time of the flight. Irrespective of fare from and destination, there is indeed a fixed $150 cancellation fee. However, upon award ticket cancellation, SkyMiles Platinum and Diamond Medallion holders are excluded from the cancellation fee. All the miles that have been around for flight bookings are added to your SkyMiles account after cancellation.

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