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Direct Express is a prepaid debit card where individuals can obtain federal services like additional social security income, compensation of veterans and pension, and much more.

In America, more than three million people possess this type of card and utilize it for purchases.

But this prepaid debit card is not similar to the regular card and this is the reason why you do not wish to continue with the card.

Here in this blog, we will talk about direct express tax, the processing time for a refund, what is the refund policy, and so on.

Now let’s proceed to learn about the refund policy before canceling the direct express card.

Direct Express Refund policy

If you wish to know the refund policy for Direct Express on its website then you are on the wrong path.  You will not find any policy regarding refunds from Direct Express. The refund totally depends on the merchants from whom you purchase your products.

There are a few FAQ for the refund policy of Direct Express asked by the cardholders:-

  • What is the procedure to receive a refund for the returned product?
  • What to do when I disagree with the amount deducted from the card?

Returning the Product

Unless you return the product you cannot ask the merchant to refund the payment. You need to return the product along with the receipt you received in the package. After completing the process the merchant will start the refund procedure. Check the status of the refund so that you can track when the refund will be issued.

The Calculations do not Match the balance of the Direct Express Card

Sometimes users claim that the cards of Direct Express were hacked and scammed.

  • One user said that $250 is charged for 11 unauthorized charges.
  • Few users found their laptop is being hacked and also confirmed someone has claimed to represent the Direct Express. After deciding to reach out to Direct Express then they were informed that a refund is not possible.

In order to get the details regarding balance or any doubts about charges contact the support team. The number will be available at the back of the card. You can reach through the toll-free number

Can you get a refund from Direct Express Card?

Yes, you can receive refunds from the Card of Direct Express but there is only one method available which the user can rely on.

How to ask for a refund from Direct Express on your Own?

When you want to return an item and make a request for a refund by yourself which can be hectic.

You need to first reach the merchant and if they do not collaborate you can send a letter of dispute to the merchant.

The main problem, in this case, is that the website of Direct Express does not deliver either a form for dispute or a fax number. You need to contact the customer service at the above-given numbers.

When you contact the rep make sure to have the following things handy:-

  1. The card number for the Direct Express.
  2. The transaction for which you want to dispute like transaction date, the expenditure, the name and location of the vendor.
  3. Full name.
  4. Birth Date.
  5. SSN

Direct Express Refund By DoNotPay app

If the problem is not solved by the above method then go for the DoNotPay app.

The payment you made through the card can be cashback with the help of the DoNotPay app.

Here the steps to be followed:

  • From the web browser first, you need to open the DoNotPay app.
  • Then tap on the Chargeback Instantly tab.
  • Enter the bank details correctly.
  • Questions you need to answer asked by a chatbot for verification.
  • Next, verify and then click on the Submit button.

Once you complete the above steps the app will fax a letter of dispute to the bank. If you wish it will contact the merchant on your behalf.

According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, you will have a period of 60 days to dispute the charges of credit card over the transaction of $50.

How much time it would take to contact Direct Express?

You will not find any easy resolution to reach the customer service of Direct Express as the phone lines will remain clogged. On the review page you will discover users not satisfied with the services provided like failed transactions, money debited but not shown in the account, waiting for the rep to receive the call, lengthy conversation, etc.

So, Direct Express instructs to file the complaint to the US Treasury Department by delivering an email the issue at

How much time does it take to get a refund from Direct Express?

There is no such information about the refund processing time of Direct Express. Once you return the product refund will be provided within 30 days. returning the purchased items. As per the details regarding handling disputes and fraud charges, there is no such time fixed for it.

Hence, this article will help you to get a refund from Direct Express. If any queries then contact the support team.

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