Discord Nitro Refund

Discord, which is mainly for gamers, unfolding the platform for group chats for all types of communities.

Here you can get to connect with different members and search for topics as the servers are filled with text channels.

You can get the service free of cost, but the Discord Nitro is a premium version that appears with different perks like GIF Avatars, animated emojis and customs, video with higher resolution, and boosting servers.

If you are subscribed to the premium version and in case you wish to cancel the subscription, you may be eager to learn about the refund policy.

What is the Refund Policy for Discord Nitro?

According to the refund policy of Discord, Nitro refund is allocated to those who requested the refund but the limitations need to be followed.

  • If the subscription is bought from the company’s website then a request is to be made within five days from the purchase date.
  • If the cancellation of Discord Nitro is done after the five days have been surpassed then you will not get any refund. Also, keep in mind that Discord does not provide prorated refunds for the subscription that are used partially.
  • If you choose the App Store to pay for Discord Nitro then the first thing you are required to do is check the terms and policies for the refunds on your purchase.
    • You bought through Apple Store then follow the rules of Apple because here rules always seem to fluctuate. But refunds are still granted.
    • Those users who purchased the Discord Nitro through Google Play need to check the rules and most probably within 48 hours, you will get your refund back.

There is also a Discord refund policy for the non-refundable items:

  • You will not receive any refund for the gifts already claimed. But if the gifts are left unclaimed then a refund is possible and the time to get the money back will be the first five days from the date of purchase. For unclaimed gifts, if the purchase was made in 14 days refund is credited to your account.
  • Games with a time period of more than two hours are non-refundable. But if the purchase is made within 14 days and has playtime less than two hours you will get your refund back.
  • In-app purchases (IAP) regardless of the game.
  • Downloadable content (DLC).

Can I get a refund for Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro subscription is accessible through Apple Store, Google Play Store and mainly through the Website. As you buy through them the cancellation also can be done just by following the rules and policies of those methods.

There are three methods to ask for a refund of Discord Nitro:-

  • Ask for a refund via the Website.
  • Through the Apple Store.
  • Through Google Play Store.

i) Can I request a Discord Nitro Refund via the Website?

You can seek a refund from the Discord Website @https://support.discord.com

Here the following steps to complete the refund request process:-

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the Discord website.
  2. You will get to see the Support option, click on it.
  3. Once the page pops up, tap on Submit a request option.
  4. You will then get the option ‘What can we help you with’. A list of options and from there choose Billing.
  5. Enter the email address.
  6. Next, you are required to select Nitro Refund 
  7. In the subject write Nitro Refund Request.
  8. In the description, the box tries to clearly explain the issue and make a request for a refund.
  9. Select the platform where you purchased i.e. Discord.
  10. Provide all necessary details as attachments so that you have not any information left from your side.
  11. Lastly, tap the Submit button.

ii) Discord Nitro Refund request from the Apple Store

Those users paid from Apple Store for Discord Nitro then you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Apple’s website and find the option Report a Problem page.
  2. After the page opens up, sign in with the Apple ID and password.
  3. Search for the Discord Nitro subscription.
  4. Tap the option Report a Problem.
  5. After that go through the instructions as shown on-screen.
  6. Select the reason for the refund from the list.
  7. Lastly, you can now submit the request.

iii) How to make a Discord Nitro Refund request on Google Play?

When the payment is made on Google Play you need to check its refund policy to seek for a refund. You can also use Google Assistant to make a request for a refund.

Following are the steps to be followed:-

  1. Make sure that on your PC or Laptop you have already access the Google Play website. So that you can visit the site by clicking on the web link.
  2. Once your page opens you will be asked to enter the username and password to log in to the account.
  3. As you tap the Sign in a tab now hit the Account button.
  4. From the menu choose the Order History tab.
  5. You will find the option Discord Nitro, click on it.
  6. Choose Request a refund.
  7. Select the appropriate option that suits your situation.
  8. Now, fill-up the form.
  9. You need to include that you wish for a refund.

If you want to access Google Assistant on the device you can surely get a refund.

  • Open the Google Assistant just by touching and holding the home button.

How to check the status of Discord Nitro Refund?

If the refund request is made through the website of Discord then you will get an email as a notification. In that mail, you will receive information regarding the status or a link that will direct you to check the status online.

There is also another method to contact the company that is through Twitter.

If you select the Apple Store, then wait for 2 days to get an update and check on the Report a Problem page.

If you use Google Play Store then you will get an email and also sign in to the website of Google Play in order to track the status.

How much time does it take to get a Discord Nitro Subscription refund?

Usually, the payment method you used will decide the average time of receiving the refund. So wait patiently if you are eligible you will get the money back and within 60 days the credited amount will show on your account.

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