How to get a refund for Disney tickets?

Generations passed but Disney still plays an important part for kids as well as adults. Kids grew up watching Disney’s animated movies and the characters played being pinned to the culture including the Walt Disney World resorts and the Disney Theme Park are also popular.

The Walt Disney Company, particularly known as Disney, came into existence in 1923 and is situated in California. When you hear the word Disney, surely the first name that comes to your mind is Mickey Mouse. If you have watched animated movies to date you are a fan of Disney.

The Walt Disney World that was inaugurated in 1971 is a complement to Disneyland. A place where people of any age can go and enjoy.

  • The tagline “The most magical place on Earth”.
  • It has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 27 themed hotels, and several other luxuries.

You have planned a trip to Disney World but as usual, due to some urgency, you decide to discard your plan. But you need to check for the refund options so that you can easily get your money returned.

We are here to help you out as we listed answers to the questions that were most searched in the browsers by the purchasers of the Disney World Tickets.

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What is the Refund Policy of Disney World Tickets?

When you purchase a Ticket from Disney World and are not able to use them then you can proceed to the Refund Policy. If you go through the FAQ page you can find that the tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.

In some circumstances, you can use the park tickets which have not yet expired. Tickets bought before 2004 consist of the No Expiration Option but if purchased after that then the tickets expire within 14 days.

The main drawback of Disney World is the location where the Park is situated. There is a chance of Hurricane Danger due to which your plans may get affected. You will get your refund back for the tickets that have not been used if the Center has issued a warning a few days before the scheduled time.

If you are Booking on Vacation with the Walt Disney Travel Company (WDTC), then you can cancel and change your booking. But be sure that you follow the time restrictions.

Go through the constraints timing, cancellation charges, and Item that are non-refundable:

i) If you cancel your booking within 30 days then no fee is required to pay. 

Non- refundable items:-

  • Third-party Hotels.
  • Air transportation.
  • Protection on Travel Plans.
  • RunDisney race registrations.
  • Personalized items or experiences.

ii) If canceled 2-29 days before the scheduled time and the cancellation fee is $200 per package. The items that are non-returnable are similar as above.

iii) If the time period is for one day or less than the arrival date then the cancellation charge for each package needs to be paid. The whole package is non-returnable.

The request you made, if approved then money will return to the method you paid.

Ice tickets refund on Disney is provided to the purchaser on canceling.

How to get a refund for Disney Tickets?

The fantasy of visiting Disney World but not being able to go is heartbreaking and realizing that a refund is not possible is even harder. 

Few illustrations on successful refunds from Disney:-

Now you know that refunds on tickets are not possible in Disney World. 

  • A user from Tripadvisor revealed, tickets in Disneyland are refunded by composing a letter to the firm. 
  • A Reddit user stated that refunds are available by contacting the Ticket Services.
  • Another user from Reddit commented that he got the refund tickets for the wrong date through the phone.

Can I get a refund on Disney Tickets?

Yes, you can get a refund on Disney Tickets through the phone.

Follow the steps to be followed:-

  1. Gather the contact information about the purchased ticket, confirmation numbers, scheduled dates, and fees charged.
  2. Contact the Walt Disney World Resort’s Center by dialing at -407-566-4985.
  3. Clearly state what is the reason for not using the tickets you purchase. You need to be polite.

If you are not satisfied with the call then be patient and try calling again. The refund totally depends on how your conversation is. If you want a credit or gift card as a refund then you have more chances to receive it.

Waiting on the phone is not so easy but if you have the luck then you can solve the issue of refunds.

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