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One of the other individuals has a craving for pizzas and Domino’s Pizza is one of them. Domino’s Pizza, Inc, particularly known as Domino’s, is one of the U.S restaurants of pizza established in 1960. You will find the stores located in different locations.

Sometimes it so happens that you might not be satisfied with Domino’s as earlier and wish to get the money back.

How can I get a refund on Domino’s Pizza?

Different reasons lead you to ask for a refund from Domino.

  • You ordered a pizza and after some time they canceled the order but payment was made.
  • You are not satisfied with it and want a refund.

Methods through which you can make your refund request:

  • Over a phone.
  • Live Chat.
  • Twitter.

1. Requesting a refund from domino’s through Phone

If you wish to ask for a refund from Domino’s you can reach customer care over the phone.

Follow the steps below:-

  1. Dial at –734-930-3030.
  2. Once the rep receives the call, tell them that you want a refund.
  3. State the reason for the refund request.
  4. Follow the instructions.

You can reach the support team from Monday to Friday. Timing – 8.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

2. Make a Request for a refund from Domino’s through Live Chat

The next method to contact Domino’s for a refund is through live chat.

  1. Visit the site of Dominos.
  2. Then tap on the link Contact Us.
  3. From the Select Category, tap on the Concern tab.
  4. Choose the option that relates to the case under Carryout, Delivery, Other?
  5. Choose the Next tab.
  6. Furnish the details about the order and experience.
  7. Select the answer in Yes or No form about whether you called the store.
  8. Give the date and time the problem arose.
  9. Tap the Next tab
  10. Provide your name, contact number, email address.
  11. Select the preferred method of contact via email or phone.
  12. Choose the best time to contact you – morning, afternoon, or evening.
  13. Insert the attachments if any that will make the refund process faster.
  14. Tap on Submit button to confirm.
  15. Now you need to wait for customer care to contact you through your preferred method.

3. How do I get a refund from Dominos through Twitter?

If the waiting is hectic then you can tweet on the Twitter account.

  1. Visit the Twitter Account of Dominos.
  2. Decipher the problem and select one from the following choices:
  3. Quote them in the tweet, this is an adequate choice if the problem is with the delivery boy because everyone can see on Twitter.
  4. You can Direct Message them and will help you to contact the Support team.

Refund Policy of Dominos

On Domino’s website, they state that a refund will be provided if any customer has a bad experience with Domino’s Pizza.

A Carryout Insurance program is proposed by them. This program approves to return the order in 2 hours from the moment of the purchase to the store from which they bought the meal. The complicated orders will be replaced with similar items but substitution is permitted. This alternative is different for different stores.

Besides, Domino’s too provides a Delivery Insurance program. But can be used by the only Piece of the Pie Rewards®  users. The issue to be reported in 16 hours from the time of purchase. Select Domino’s Tracker® or the form on the order confirmation.

If you order a Domino’s pizza you can get a 30-minute guarantee. If the cost of the item is RS 300 and the delivery boy reaches you after more than 30 minutes then you will receive the pizza for free. In case the amounts to more than RS 300 then the organization takes away Rs 300 from the bill. This is the case for a late delivery refund.

You need to enlist in 7 days if you are a non-member after reporting the issue to receive the Rewards Points or you may decide to receive a coupon in place of the points. It is to be noted that the store participation might differ. 

How much time to receive the Domino’s Refund?

Domino’s refund might take ten working days to process. It totally depends on the financial institution such as Paypal or Credit Card.

You can face some issues while requesting for Domino’s refund if using the services of a third party to pay for the pizza. Third-party apps are not entertained by Domino. If someone accesses your account make this aware to the third party otherwise you might be charged for the orders that you do not make. Domino’s clarifies in the policy that no obligation to refund such payments.

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