Easyjet Refund Policy

How To Refund On Easyjet Flights?

In this article, you will get to know about EasyJet ticket cancellation refund, refund on illness, claim tax refund, refund policy and cancellation fee if any.

EasyJet is a British airline with low costs and operates International and domestic flights. This carrier encloses more than 1,000 routes above 30 nations through its partner in airlines.

As quite possibly the most well-known decisions among the passengers on a budget plan, EasyJet conveys about 68.6 million travellers every year.

These fickle moments in which we live in, and so numerous travel plans of individuals’ have been interrupted. If you are on the same boat and want a refund from EasyJet then continue reading to discover how.

What are the rights if EasyJet cancels your flight ticket?

You may wonder if the ticket is cancelled, what are the ways to get the refund either cancelled by the airlines or yourself due to personal issues cancel it.

You can get the money back and there are rules applicable to EasyJet and also to different carriers.

The DoT or Department of Transportation enacts that the foreign airlines and all U.S. have to refund their passengers for the flights within, to, or from the United States when the airline:

  • Cancel the scheduled flight.
  • Changes the flight timing considerably.

The airlines can give a choice to the passenger i.e. a travel voucher as a refund but passengers can also have the monetary option to select to get the refund.

As per the EasyJet refund policy for delayed flight for more than five hours, you can free of cost reschedule it or select the option for a full refund.

What Is the Refund Policy of EasyJet?

As the prices of the ticket of EasyJet airlines are low compared to other airlines the fees and fares are non-refundable. You won’t get any refund if you cancel, miss, or do not take the flight. But there are certain situations where you can get a refund.

  • If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours since you booked.
  • Due to illness or family bereavement, you cancel the ticket.

If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours since you booked

If the cancellation is done within 24 hours of booking you can get the full refund excluding the fee on cancellation. You can get to the customer service of EasyJet or online to cancel the flight ticket. Obtain the contact form website of EasyJet.

If the ticket is booked through a third party then contact them to cancel the ticket reservation.

One important thing to keep note of is that the cancellation is done before two hours of the departure time you cannot receive any refunds through the cancellation is done within 24 hours of booking.

Due to illness or family bereavement, you cancel the ticket

You need to contact the customer support team to cancel the booked ticket if you have a serious illness or family bereavement quickly.

The customer team will help you by reviewing the case and will provide a fee waiver or voucher as a refund if the situation allows for an exemption. You will be asked to deliver evidence of the special situations, such as a death certificate or medical record.

EasyJet Government Tax Claim Refund

If you decide to cancel or missed the booked flight that might not affect your other bookings on flight. You need to claim the refund of the APD(government tax) you paid and the services that you did not take.

Contact the EasyJet’s Customer Team by:-

  • Fill out the form for contacting them.
  • Just give me a call.

How to get the refund of ticket cancellation from EasyJet?

There are different methods to receive the refund from  EasyJet.

  • Make a request for a refund Online.
  • Ask for a refund over the phone.
  • Compose an Email to request a refund.

Can I get a refund on the cancellation of flight tickets Online?

Below are the steps to be performed for asking the refund online:-

  1. Go to the website at www.easyjet.com and then open the form for Refund Request.
  2. Correctly fill up the required information.
  3. In order to confirm yourself click the box next to   I’m not a robot.
  4. Now click the submit button.
  5. Once you complete the process you will get a notification through email after the request is received.

How to ask for a refund on EasyJet via Phone?

You need to go to the page of Contact Us so that you can search the local phone numbers to contact the customer service of the airlines.

The international phone number where you can contact us +44330 3655454.

Do not forget to keep the booking id ready because you need to provide it once the customer attends your call.

How to make a request for refund on EasyJet using Email?

Make clear in your mind that how you want to compose the email. Write to the customer.support@easyJet.com and ask for the refund. Also include the booking reference, your name in full and the contact details that you used while booking.

How much time does EasyJet take to process the refund?

EasyJet might take one week for the refund to be processed. But due to the pandemic Covid-19 as there are regular flight cancellations the refund process may take much longer say up to one month.

You need to have patience and wait because after the completion of the process it would take another week to show up the amount in the bank account.

The refunds will be in the original form you used while paying for the ticket and the currency will be in the same original model.

Keep as a note that booking was done through agents or third-party need to contact them directly to cancel your tickets or ask for a refund if their policy recommends it.

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