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Envato is an online marketplace for those who design the elements of digital content and the purchasers who get them. Once you purchase an item it is not necessary that each consumer may have the same effect on that item. Some might be satisfied and some may not.  Products are shown or things that are guaranteed however not satisfied can enrage and frustrate everyone. Accordingly, the principal question that emerges would be “How to get the refund from Envato?

What is the Refund Policy of Envato?

The best part of Envato platform is that the company is ready to consider the request for your refunds. The company flaunts a controlled system and the seller is compelled to fulfill certain guidelines with regards to the item being bought. In circumstances where these guidelines haven’t been consented to, you reserve each privilege to claim the compensation.

There are restrictions and certain circumstances in which all that’s plunge to end in support of yourself:

  • Goods purchased does not matched as depicted by the seller
  • Products purchased does not operate appropriately.
  • The item holds a specific security risk.
  • Guaranteed and advertised consent have not been given to the buyer.
  • Goods bought were not downloaded from the platform within three months. 
  • A request for a refund will be sent to either the Envato Help Team or the author of the item to evaluate. All refunds demand things are directly sent to Envato if they are not on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon.
  • Violation of any apparently stated regulations for any reason.

There are few conditions where Refunds from Envato  are less possible:-

Regardless of how willing the organization is to live up to your desires, only one out of every request mentioned is adequate and acceptable for a refund. Some might appear to be well applicable to you but won’t concur with the guidelines in the policy.

As per the help centre,where your refund request might not be accepted:-

  • Suddenly, you decide that you do not want the item you bought.
  • You paid for the assets for the utilization of which you are not trained.
  • The item you purchased has been permanently eliminated from the platform and you cannot download it.

In such circumstances, the Envato and author does not take any responsibility regarding the things being referred to and the company does not perceive such reasons as important.

How to Get a Refund from Envato Market?

Envato does not have many platforms to make the request for a refund like different other companies.

If you cancel a subscription from Envato you can surely be eligible for refunds as per terms and conditions.

Envato Refund request through Website

Here are the steps to make a request on refund from Envato Market:-

  1. Go to the website of Envato and tap the logging button after entering the login credentials.
  2. Then proceed to the page of Envato Market help center, and select the Buying and Item Support tab.
  3. On the section, Click on Can I get a refund?
  4. Next, find the option Click here to request a refund.
  5. Choose the purchase you’re relating to, fill in the complete details.
  6. On the next step submit the form and receive the email confirmation.

You will receive a code so that you can track the status of your refund request.

In some cases, the manufacturer of the product is the person who gets the request for the refund and they will appreciate extra information regarding the complaint of the product. Relying upon the information and reasons you give, they will agree if a refund is a choice in regards to the case being referred to.

How much time does it take to process Envato Refund?

If you are eligible for the refund or provide necessary details regarding the refund then you can surely get a refund from Envato. To whom the request is being sent should reach you within 5 days. If you did not receive any support in that period then raise the dispute and solve the issue.

When the help team gets the refund requests the time for discovering the outcome is three to five business days.

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