Ford Extended Warranty Refund

Ford Extended Warranty Refund

When you own a new car or take it for repair, the dealer will provide you to speculate with a maintenance plan. The center from where you purchased the vehicle will show up schemes that you will be eager to go for it.

If your car remains fit for many years then purchasing maintenance is a good aspect. This not only conserves time but also saves money because it includes the cost of unexpected repairs, gives roadside assistance, and if you want to sell then it’s easily transferable.

Ford Drivers can have the option of selecting from different Ford Extended Service Plans.

Here the plans have the same mileage or time because they accomplish the same perks. The only differences are that they deliver unique services.

In case if the plan you acquire does not taste the same as at the time of purchase then you should know that you can request for a refund.

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What is the Refund Policy for Ford?

If the buyer buys the Ford Extended Service plan directly from a licensed Ford dealer, the warranty is backed by Ford Motor Company.

Different dealers include different prices and few dealers might offer lower rates on plans. This happens as the dealership proposes volume pricing thus lowering the cost.

The service plans are authorized by the Ford Motor Company and so the Refund Policy.

The region in which you reside the variations will depend on that but for this there are simple rules for the policy to be followed:-

  • You need to cancel the ESP to receive a full refund. It might take 30 to 60 days to get the refund depending on the area you live in.
  • When there are no claims then you can get a refund on ESP as per the refund policy.
  • If you decide to cancel Ford Extended Warranty Service after one or two months then you are qualified to receive a prorated refund specified by Ford of Canada. You will get the amount for the days you used the plan.
  • Some dealers might charge a fee when they cancel the ESP.

Is Ford Extended Warranty Refundable?

Yes, Ford Extended Warranty refundable. When you purchase the ESP from a regional dealer then in that case you need to contact the dealership requesting for a refund. It totally depends on the dealers that how it will provide back your refund. Also, make sure to check the website to gather more information.

If you find difficulties while contacting the dealer or the purchase was made from the Ford Motor Company then make a request for a refund to them.

What are the methods to make a request for a Refund on the Ford Extended Warranty?

There were different methods in which you can ask for a refund:-

  • Through sending Mail.
  • Using Email.
  • Via Twitter.
  • Via Phone.

1. How To ask for a Refund on the Ford Motor Company Extended Warranty through the mail?

The easiest method or say the technique is to send letters asking for refunds to Ford Motor Company.

“Ford Motor Company, Extended Service Plan Headquarter, Attn: Cancellation Department, 
P.O. Box 6045, Dearborn, MI 48121.”

This letter must include:-

  1. Write the full name with the correct contact details.
  2. Asking to cancel the plan and make a request for a refund.
  3. Provide the facts for the planned payoff.
  4. Take a snap of your recent mileage.
  5. Automobile Vehicle Indication Number.
  6. Date of Cancellation.
  7. The purpose why you want to cancel.

2. How to Make a Request for Refund on Ford Extended Warranty through Email?

You can send an Email to Ford Motor Company, requesting for a refund to You need to include the aspects the same as mentioned in the above section.

3. Ask for a refund on Ford Extended Warranty via Twitter

The another technique to contact the customer support is Twitter.

Ford service has its Twitter account where you can inquire about important queries. You are not required to provide any photos of the purchase as a proof. Once you tweet the representative will lead the way through the remaining process.

4. Ask for a Refund request on Ford ESP Warranty via Phone

Here you can directly contact the company representative just dialling the toll-free numbers- 877-794-6434 or 800-232-5952.

Try reaching in weekdays from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. Sunday is a holiday.

5. Ford Warranty Refund via DoNotPay

When your problem is not solved then you can opt for the DoNotPay app to make a refund request. The dealer might not give your money back and so DoNotPay will help you.

As per the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have the right o get the refund and need to initiate a chargeback on the transactions of credit card you are sought as unfit.

In the process of a chargeback, there is no merchant involved. You are directly connected to communicate with the bank.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. From the browser go to the DoNotPay site and tap on it.
  2. Then hit the feature Chargeback Instantly.
  3. Provide the details of transactions to the chatbot.
  4. Mention the name of the merchant in the field provided.

DoNotPay will assist you and fax the letter of dispute to the bank and get in touch with the merchant and inquire to ask for a refund.

How much time does it take to get the Refund from Ford Extended Warranty Refund?

If the request is being made and the refund is automated then you can receive it in 5 working days. It might take longer in case that you need to impart by means of email or phone.

You ought to consider that you may need to stay patient for about fourteen days for the bank to deal with the refund once the cash is given.

Hence, this article will guide you in receiving a refund from Ford Extended Warranty. Free to contact the toll-free numbers and the agents will be willing to assist you.

One thought on “Ford Extended Warranty Refund

  • Ford is brilliant, first they signed me up for the premium extended warranty
    ( $4700.) Then required a pre- inspection which resulted in two cracked exhaust manifolds being found ($2400) not being covered. All this after purchasing a 2016 Ford Lariat and putting 8000 km on it from purhase date.. Ford Canada offered $100. Towards up coming oil changes and a crying towel. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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