Forever 21 Refund Policy

Forever 21 Refund Policy

Forever 21 is the global fashion retailer which deals on clothing, beauty products, home decor and various other accessories.

The company of Forever 21 is worth of $3.4 billion in revenue and comprises about 623 shops in different locations over the world.

Some of the Forever 21 review states that they were involved in some of the controversial matters concerning issues on labor practices, copyright violation, and quality of products.

So this blog is for those who want to return and get a refund from Forever 21. The refund policy along with how it works is illustrated here.

What is Forever 21 Return Policy

Forever 21 refund policy on return or refund depends specifically on the method on which purchase is made.

There are mainly two methods through which one can buy the products of Forever 21: They are:

  • In Store
  • Online Store

The commodities that is bought must be in its original state, it must be not worn, damaged or washed in any of the way or the refund will not be granted.

Products that are on clearance, items on final sale, cosmetics, swimming, inner wear, food, jewellery is not eligible for a return except on emergency when required by the law.

One of the element i.e the In-Store and the online store purchases have one in common is known that purchases made through PayPal, AfterPay and Amazon Pay are qualified for an exchange or for a store credit solely.

Forever 21 Returns and Exchanges for purchases In-Store

The Forever 21 Return policy in store states as when customers purchase items at Forever 21 store, one cannot ask for the Forever 21 return after 30 days of the period.

When the item is returned within the given period, then one will be initiated with a refund. The payment that is granted will be initiated in the same manner as purchase is made.

One may choose to go for exchange. It is to be noted that both refunds and exchanges are available only in the region or country in which the items are purchased along with the receipt in original form.

Forever 21 refunds on Online Purchases:

The Forever 21 return policy online describes as: the product customers buy through Online via the website of Forever 21 can access for getting the refund, exchange, credit on store or return within the website of Forever 21 can access for getting the refund, exchange, credit on store or return within the which will include the outstanding date on making a request for refund. The product can be returned either through mail or to any of its stores.

The items exclusive online which do not belong to the product of Forever 21 are not eligible to return to the store.

For making purchases online in international via the e-global, which is an e-commerce platform on international that enables one to make payment in several currencies, then in this condition return is not accepted on the international located store on retailing.

How to make a Forever 21 cancel order refund

The methods through which one can make a request to get a refund on Forever 21 are as follows:

  • Visiting the Local Store
  • Via Online through the return website of Forever 21

Go thoroughly through the process described in detail

i. How to request Forever 21 refund in Store:

  • In order to get back the money as a refund by visiting the store in person, the consumer must bring the receipt.
  • The Forever 21 Store policy clearly declares that returns, exchanges, or a refund are not granted to the customers without a receipt.
  • If the items do not have an original tag then no returns will be accepted by Forever 21 store.

ii. How to request the Forever 21 refund via the website

The procedure on making a return begins when the prepaid Forever 21 return label page is created.

Here are the steps one need to follow to make a request on return via the Forever 21 return website:

  1. Visit the online Forever 21 return website:
    Firstly, visit the return website of Forever 21 at return policy on the preferred browser.
  2. Fill the order number and the ZIP/ PIN Code:
    Next, type the order number with the ZIP code or PIN code (whichever is applicable).
  3. Next, type the order number with the ZIP code or PIN code (whichever is applicable).
    Then, choose the articles on which return is to be made.
  4. Explain the reason for a return:
    Now, one may also need to make an explanation for making the return with reasons.
  5. Select the return method:
    In the next step, select the method to return the item.
  6. Tap on the label of ‘use a prepaid shipping’ :
    Next, you need to tap the label on ‘Use prepaid shipping’.
  7. Follow the steps displayed in the window:
    In the next step, make sure to carefully follow all the instructions and steps mentioned in the pop-up window on the website.
  8. Hit the ‘Submit’ button:
    Then, hit the button on ‘Submit’.
  9. An email will be sent to the registered email address which you need to print:
    Then, an email including the packaging slip and the prepaid shipping label will be sent to your registered email address.
  10. Pack the return items with the slip of packing:
    Now, one needs to pack the items that are to be returned along with the slip of packing in the box (if already in the form of original packaging one can simply use it too).
  11. Attach the label of prepaid shipping outside the package:
    Then, attach the label on prepaid shipping on the outside package of the box.
  12. Mail the Package:
    Lastly, mail the box of packages.

For mailing a package:
To mail the package one can use

For SmartPost label:
You can take the package to the nearest center of the Post Office or to the FedEx Ship Center.

For FedEx Ground label:
You need to take the box to the closest FedEx location.

The charge of shipping and the cost of the return label on prepared shipping is subtracted from the amount to be refunded.

The firm won’t refund unless the products received by you may be defective, damaged or some other product and not the one which is ordered by you.


Thus, for Forever 21 return policy one can perform any of the processes mentioned above by following its return and refund policy. No refund or return is applicable for Forever 21 return policy after 30 days from the shipping period.

For any further help, the company of Forever 21 proposes the customer support services either over the phone or through an email.

To contact over the phone you can dial at 888-494-3837 to talk with the rep and for sending an email, you can write to the company at for guidance.

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