How to refund a G2A game

G2A is a site where you can resale gaming products using the redemption keys. You can use the keys on different devices like Xbox, PlayStation Network, Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.

You will not only find games but also top-ups wallets for different platforms, software, gift cards, electronics, and other products.

G2A has taken the market globally with 20M users, more than 40,000 products with unique traits, and merchandise over 40,000. It also includes services like games developers have Direct G2A and pay with G2A and online payment facility.

This was a little brief on G2A. Though it has gained much popularity to a great extent still some users sometimes feel that their expectations are not fulfilled and finally decide to ask for a refund.

It is important to understand before requesting a refund that refunds are possible are not. You will get the answers just by going through the refund policy. We will also include topics like – can you refund a g2a game, how to refund g2a key, g2a refund without shield, can you refund g2a games on steam, etc.

the refund policy of G2A?

Here the refund policy is categorized into two different purchases: physical or digital.

  • If you purchased a physical product you need to return the item first and after that, the refund will be processed.
  • If a user purchases digital products, then the redeemable gaming key codes will be calculated for the program of Money Back Guarantee. But this program is in Beta form.

Purchased a Physical Products

In this case, as a buyer, you need to request the refund within 14 days from the receive date. You will be eligible if you fall under the below-mentioned conditions:

  • The product received is damaged
  • The item order is different from the item received.
  • Delay in receiving the item
  • The item was mismatched and returned within the deadline mentioned

You will receive the shipping charge in return if the product is mismatched or the item was fully or partially damaged.

Refunds on Digital Products

Here the digital product is the redeemable keys for digital gaming for each page of G2A’s Support Hub. You need to be aware that refunds can be allotted if the gaming keys are not yet displayed. If you purchase the same games twice coincidentally or the key code purchased was not for your platform then a refund is possible.

If the key code is displayed you will not get a refund but you can resale it. Contact the support team for further assistance.

The code received does not operate or is already used then reach the dealer within 7 days from the item received. You can request the Money Back Guarantee if the merchant fails to pay back.

What is Money Back Guarantee Program on G2A

In this program, as a buyer, you will get protection, if the merchant denies the refund or did not reply to the request made. If you received a damaged product or the item does not match the ordered product, Money Back Guarantee will help you get your refunds.

You need to utilize the program after trying to resolve the problem with the merchant but within the purchase date of one year.  The terms and policies of each G2A state that buyers have the liberty to assert the Money Back Guarantee 3 times a year. Make sure that the amount for refund needs to be less than €2,500.

How can you refund a G2A game

You can get refunds for digital purchases but you are required to request the seller to resolve the matter. There are 3 different ways to get a refund on used keys:

  • When the product is purchased you will get to see an option “Contact seller” on the page of the Show key.
  • Proceed to Dashboard on G2A and click on Orders history, tap the order on which you want a refund, next tap on the Contact seller option.
  • In case you contacted the seller then tap the Add order number option, and wait for one week prior to heading to the program of Money Back Guarantee.

If the merchant then follows the steps below to file a report on Money Back Guarantee:

  • You need to contact the merchant first and then move to the option “Go to claim”.
  • Next, click the tab and here you can create a fresh ticket.
  • Now, fill up the form comprising the name of the product, key code, type of problem, and the preference for resolution.
  • Bind the important snapshots or documents.
  • At last click the option “Create new ticket”.

How much time does it take to receive refunds

It might take 5 working days to process the request made for the G2A key refund. The amount you will be credited in the original payment mode or to the G2A Balance.

How can I check the refund status

Go to the Tickets option to check the status of the Money Back Guarantee by logging in to the account of G2A Support. Also, receive an email if any new text on your refund case. When you create the ticket for a refund be sure to provide a valid email address.

Problems when requesting G2A refunds

In some cases, you might receive a refund for the request made on G2A. The items that do not refund back:

  • G2A Plus
  • Gift cards
  • Loot points
  • G2A Coins
  • Electronic learning courses


Most users were inquiring on Reddit if a refund is possible without a shield or can G2A games refund on Steam. We like to correct you that G2A and Steam are different platforms and they provide different services. So G2A refund is only available on

Hope, reading this article will help you to get your refunds on G2A.

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