How To A GOG Refund

What is GOG and why do you want a refund on it? In this blog we will talk about requesting refunds on Gog, what is the refund policy, what are the methods to get the gog galaxy refund game, etc.

GOG is known as the platform for movies and also for video games therefore, CD Projekt is its owner in the United States. Though it has not yet reached popularity as digital games like Steam or PS GOG have their own pride in a curated choice of games and extensive supervision to their users.

For users who usually play on the systems such as Mac or PC, GOG targets and also publicizes them as the stage for DRM. This implies that if you purchase a game you can own it. Here the policy will sound incredible, but you might not like the game after purchasing it.

So, if you are confronting issues of not being able to decide how to make a refund request then this blog is for you.

What is the refund policy of GOG?

If you go through the GOG policies on the refund you will get to see that there is a money-back policy that fits in every game. In case you want a game refund then you need to return it within 30 days.

You can purchase and play the game and then request a refund if you are not satisfied to get the refund back.

Earlier when you purchase a game on GOG you can only receive refunds only if the game malfunctions or does not work. The policy gives you additional margin, still, you can get in touch with Tech Support if facing technical problems with the purchased game.

As per the policy, there is no limit on refund requests made but the last decision is taken by the support team as they reserve the right to refuse the refunds.

A 14-day refund request on GOG after purchasing the game.

Let’s check the refund request policy of 30-day which is applicable to

  • Pre-orders
  • Games in development
  • Game packs
  • Downloadable content

Suppose you have selected the pre-order option which has 30 days after releasing of the game to try the game you can cancel the product but make sure it should be before the release.

GOG Galaxy Refunds on Gifts

In case you received a GOG game in the form of a gift but you do not like it then you can place a replacement similar to the amount. The person who bought the gift can only make the request to get a refund from GOG Wallet.

Does the GOG game offer refunds

GOG does offer refunds but first, they try fixing the issue with the help of Technical Support if you are facing technical problems. But if the issue still persists then you can head to the website to make a refund request.

Following the steps to ask for a refund on the GOG website:

  1. Firstly, click on the GOG Support page to open.
  2. Next, proceed to pick Orders and payments options.
  3. You will need to enter the email address and the Order ID in the space provided.
  4. Next, pick the option “Refunds and returns” in the Problem Type section.
  5. Specify the issue that you are confronting and provide necessary details regarding the game.
  6. At last tap on the Submit tab.

How much does it require to receive a refund?

You are offered two options when your refund request is accepted.

  • Wallet funds of GOG
  • The original method of payment

If you select the first one the funds will be transferred to theWallet instantly. Whereas if chose the second one it might take much more days than regular ones.

If you want the refund to be credited on different other platforms then this will depend on that platform.

Refunds on GOG might not be easier; you might have issues encountered while proceeding to it.

  • As per the policy, you will get the money returned but does not applies to separate game packs.
  • If purchased a pack that has a season pass then a full refund is possible for that.
  • In case you obtain a separate DLC, the support team is bound to issue the refund as well for the DLC.

The refund policy which is updated does not imply refunds if not meet the minimum requirements of the hardware for the game. The older policy was much different from the new one. Suppose you purchase the game that the MAC or PC can’t run, a refund is not allotted.

One who buys needs to be careful and check the requirements on the game page. You might also not receive refunds if you are utilizing virtual machine software to operate the GOG games.


Refunds can be obtained from the GOG, just go through the refund policy which we mentioned above and also check the requirements that make you eligible for the refunds.

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