Grammarly Refund Policy

Can I get a refund on Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online tool that assists individuals with editing their articles. Grammarly is not only helpful for students but also the best app for professionals. Many users purchase the premium version for better editing.

The premium version is charged yearly, yet numerous individuals do not know about this fact as the website of the company shows the package for a monthly charge. This practice has driven individuals to ask for a refund on Grammarly.

This page will guide you to make a request for a refund if you are one of them who has been deceived or for any other queries.

How can I get a refund on my Grammarly subscription?

In order to request a refund on Grammarly, you can use the following methods.

  • Fill up an online form on the website.
  • Ask for a refund through the Apple Store.

Will I get a refund by requesting on Grammarly’s Website?

You won’t find any phone number to contact customer care so you need to make a request for a refund on the website.

Follow the steps below:-

  1. Visit the Grammarly website and go to the support page.
  2. Next, choose the issue ‘Payments and billings’.
  3. Select the option ‘I’d like to request a refund’.
  4. Provide the account details and briefly state the request in the given box.
  5. Now, add the files or images as proof to support the claim.
  6. Now you can submit the request.

You will be notified through email from the rep of Grammarly. If you did not get any message after 24 hours then check the spam box.

How to request for a refund on Grammarly Through the Apple Store?

If the user purchased Grammarly on the Apple Store, then make a request on Apple for a refund.

Here are the steps to be followed:-

  1. From Grammarly’s website, go to the Report a problem page.
  2. Then you need to sign in.
  3. Tap on Report available next to the app of Grammarly.
  4. Explain what is the reason for the refund.
  5. Now, confirm the request.

Wait for Apple to confirm the refund request, once you complete the above steps.

What is the refund policy of Grammarly?

Does Grammarly refund on cancellation? This type of question might arise in your mind and after going through the refund policy your questions will be automatically answered.

According to Grammarly’s refund policy, the company does not offer refunds after canceling the account subscription. The bill is charged automatically.

If the paid Grammarly subscription is canceled before the deadline of the billing period, then a refund is not possible in that case.

If the subscription is on a free trial then do not forget to cancel it, as the subscription is auto-renewal the amount will be added to the bill. You cannot expect the Grammarly app to refund if you forget to cancel the trial period because this is your obligation to cancel before the billing date starts.

Though the app remains strict with its refund rules, there are a few people who can receive the refund.

If you are under the following conditions then you are eligible for a refund:-

  • If there is a change in fees.
  • Change in the Terms of Service of Grammarly. 
  • Subscribe to premium believing you need to pay monthly.

If Grammarly has a Change in Fees

If the app changes the price and you do not want to continue with the services then cancel the subscription in 10 days and get the money back.

Changes in Grammarly Terms of Service

If the Terms of Services is changed by Grammarly and you disagree with them, then directly proceed to cancel the subscription. If the account is cancelled within 10 days after making the changes then a refund is possible. You need to check the app if there are any changes made because Grammarly will not inform you through email about any changes they made to their Terms of Service.

If deceived by Grammarly

The offer made by Grammarly is eye-catching so users fall into the trap of premium versions thinking it be a monthly charge but basically it’s billed yearly. After numerous complaints, a few groups might get the refund back after subscribing to the account.

How much time does it take to refund Grammarly?

Once the request is confirmed for the refund, it might take 10 days to show the amount to your bank.

Reasons for the Charges From Grammarly 

There are the following reasons if you notice additional charges on Grammarly:

  • If any users use more than one account of Grammarly.
  • The new credit card received is updated with your information by the bank.
  • In some cases, the Grammarly app is falsely used by some other persons without your knowledge.

If the problem is not solved after seven days, that means you have not yet received a refund from Grammarly, then take the help of customer support to solve your problems. Clearly state the issue and mention the account, bank, or details of PayPal so that it would be easier for the rep to assist you.

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