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How can I get a refund from Hermes? Failed to obtain a refund from Hermes and still trying hard to get some ways to acquire the refund. Some users decide to cancel feeling unsatisfied, finding ways to claim a refund on cancellation.

On this page, we have discussed the Hermes Refund policy, Hermes VAT refund Paris, GTA Online Albany Hermes refund, etc.

Briefing on Hermes:-

Hermes deals in luxury goods online for men and women. The products here are quality based but still customers wish to return the purchased item. The company also accepts returns and processes refunds on the returned products.

If you have already made up your mind to cancel Hermes products then this article is helpful to raise a refund request yourself.

What Hermes Says about Refund Policy

In order to request a refund at Hermes you need to know what is the refund policy so that this would make it easier for the user to appeal for a refund.

Claiming a refund from Hermes will be processed flawlessly if you are aware of whether your product is eligible for a refund or not.

Most importantly refund totally depends on the returned item. The policy varies on the type of product purchased:-

  • Apple Watch 
  • Shoes 
  • Belt Kit
  • Cosmetic Product

For instance, the purchased shoes should be in original condition when returned. This is mentioned in the refund policy making your product refund eligible. If the product is already damaged then a refund is definitely possible without difficulty. But if any portion of the shoe is dirty, abrasive or the sole is wet, then no refund will be executed declining your return request. 

Purchased an Apple Watch at Hermes and when returning it should be in an original packet with a receipt. If the product is unharmed then your product is eligible for a refund. Also, make sure you cannot pair the watch to your phone if you want to qualify refund.

You cannot deceive by replacing a different product while returning it because the Apple product comes with a serial number. During the verification process the returned product might not be accepted if the number mismatch and because of the number refund will not be allotted. In case you wish to return the item at a nearby Hermes Store, the refund policy states that you need to return the product to the country where the item shipped.

How do I expect a refund from Hermes? 

As per the refund policy, items need to be returned within 30 days of receiving. The product should be in the original packet and all accessories need to be included when returning. Do include the purchase receipt while mailing the item to the Hermes warehouse.

To request a refund you need to contact the customer service number at -44-0-207098-1888. Sunday is a holiday so no phone calls will be attended. The other weekdays’ calls are accepted from morning 9:00 AM to evening 6:00 PM. On Saturdays, you can call from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Stores returns do not provide refunds if purchased at

If you are frustrated by dialing and waiting for customer service to talk to any of the representatives you can opt for another method to seek a refund from Hermes. Visit the Hermes website and fill up the contact form clearly stating the issue that you want a refund for the returned item. Provide related information making it easier for a rep to get through your item details. Once verified, you will receive a notification that the refund is approved. Wait for seven working days after the product reaches the company. If the time taken is more than a week then you need to contact the bank for a refund.


Hermes Tax Refund

Hermes charges sales tax as per state laws. Reach for further queries.

Hermes VAT refund Paris

In case you need to leave the EU and move out to a different state, a refund on VAT will be provided and purchased from EU merchants. Do not forget to make a tax refund request while purchasing in the EU.

Herman Miller Refund Policy

Returns or cancellations are approved if followed the refund policy.
No processing fees for products that are eligible for refunds.
The refund process takes 10 working days to get your refund back to your account statement.

Hope, you can now able to make a refund request to Hermes.

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