Home Depot Refund

Home Depot Refund

In recent years, we have seen how online services have taken over offline shops. Instead of bargaining at the regular shops, we purchase goods online. By swiping the products to the wish list and after that listing it to the cart and making the payment online. This process is quite easy and is not required to carry cash with you.

Today we will talk about the topic of Home Depot, its refund policy, refund time, and so on. You purchase the items online, which doesn’t mean they might not be defective. Sometimes you may feel that you do not want the product or you might not be available to receive or wrong product received. Return the product and get a refund.

Like any other shopping app Home Depot site is also one of them. The largest and biggest home development retailers in the region U.S. 

If you want to make your garden colorful, kitchen appliances, tools, and services the only option to shop at the Home Depot site. You will get the essential equipment to improve your home.

The retailer has a substantial policy on refunds for most of the items sold. It allows people to try out new tools or return them when something turns out to be inadequate for the job. Knowledge of the refund policy of Home Depot can be beneficial if you have something to return. By taking the right means, you can easily get the money back in the blink of an eye.

What is the refund policy of Home Depot?

The refund policy at Home Depot is simple and easily understandable for the users. Any new item to return and the unopened items can be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase. Applicable to different tools and equipment with a few exceptions.

  • Equipment and Gas-Powered Tractors.
  • Electronics, like Televisions and Computers.
  • Furniture.
  • Rugs.
  • Generators.

There are exceptions for major appliances:

Unless any damage to Dishwashers and Refrigerators it cannot be returned. As per the policy you have 2 days to return the product after reporting the issue.

The refunds will be credited to the method you used while purchasing the product.

According to the policy, the refund is allowable if you return the purchased plants. Perennials, trees, and bushes have the validity of one year to return. If purchased a Miracle grow plant but it did not harvest then you can get a refund.

Here is the list of items that you can return within the following days:-

  • Most tools: You have 90 days in total to return the product.
  • Gas-powered products and consumer electronics, Rugs, Generators: Starting from the day of purchase till the 30th day.
  • Major appliances: 48 hours i.e 2 days.

You might think that is the Home Depot truck rental deposit refundable. The rental truck moves in the location where the store is and you need to return the truck from the location where you picked. The charges depend on the size of the truck, the time you took, and the mileage it runs. If you return the truck in good condition then you will receive the deposit which is refundable.

Home Depot Behr Paint Refund Policy:

If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase of exterior or interior liquid paint then return the paint and the receipt in 30 days. Different paint or similar paint can be provided.

Home Depot Gift Cards Refund

Gift cards cannot be returned nor refundable. You cannot exchange the cards with cash, cheque, credit, or Tool Rental Deposits nor loan account.

Will Home Depot refund if the price drops?

Yes, of course, the difference between the old price and the new price will be refunded. If the return is done within 6 months of the period you can claim the refund.

How can I get a refund from Home Depot?

There are two methods to make a request for a refund on Home Depot.

  • Return the product from where it was purchased.
  • Send the product through Mail

1. Return the product to Home Depot:

You need to take the product to the store and also the receipt and an I.D proof. Disclose the circumstance to an agent and ask for a refund. If you paid with a credit card make sure to get a copy of it. You will get a refund if you provide the correct documentation. If the returned product is expensive then you need to be patient and wait for some time to receive the money.

2. Send the product through Mail:

You can choose the method of sending the product through the mail. Just compose a letter clearly explaining the reason for returning the product with the receipt and sending it to the Home Depot address. Also, provide a copy of the ID proof attached to the mail.

How much time does it take to get the refund from Home Depot?

When you did not receive the money and the refunds are not showing up on the account you do not need to worry. It might take time to process the return which depends on the method you used while purchasing the product.

  • The individual who used the cash method and returns the product to the store will get a refund if you take the receipt along with you. You will receive a cheque through the mail if the price exceeds $1000.
  • If paid by debit cards, take the receipt with the product to get the refund quickly otherwise you are not eligible for a refund.
  • Paying by Credit cards might wait a little longer than the other payment modes. It will take 2-10 working days to reach the account. If the item sends via mail it might take more days to process the item in the warehouse.


This blog will help you to get a refund from Home Depot but there are few things that I like to point out to keep in mind while returning the product.

  • You can face situations where a refund is impossible. If the product returned is not according to the rules of the store your request will be declined.
  • The most important thing is the receipt without which no refund is possible. Those paid with credit cards need to produce the card for requesting refunds. But for others, your request will be declined.
  • If a store does not offer you a refund, you can raise your complaint to the support team of Home Depot. Reach over a phone or compose an email and illustrate the problem.
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