How to get a refund from LivingSocial?

LivingSocial is where you can discover and share activities in the area you are living in. They deliver various recommendations and treaties on how to use up your moment in the city and have a great experience from the locality. If the arrangements were not according to your requirements that you received from LivingSocial then you have the choice to ask for the money back.

Can you get a refund from LivingSocial?

Yes, you can request for a refund from LivingSocial.

  • Through Phone.
  • Via Mobile App.

How do I contact LivingSocial for a refund over the phone?

You can reach to the customer care of LivingSocial asking for a refund through the phone number. Here are the steps included.

  1. Dial at 202-400-2100.
  2. Clarify the reason for contacting them.
  3. Furnish all the necessary details.
  4. Lastly, wait for the additional instructions.

LivingSocial refund request through iOS Mobile App

Below are the steps to be followed to request for a refund from LivingSocial through the mobile app:

  1. From the iOS gadget, go to the LivingSocial app and tap to open it.
  2. Next, tap the Voucher tap available in the corner of the right-hand side.
  3. Choose the option “Ask For a Refund”.
  4. After that wait until you receive a confirmation email.

How much time does it take to get a refund from LivingSocial?

The time will depend on the mode of payment you used while purchasing. There are different periods as per the policy.

  • The refunds of LivingSocial to a credit or debit card will be processed in 1 to 2 working days, but it is the bank that takes much time to credit the amount to your account. If the bank takes more than 10 days you need to contact the bank’s claim department directly.
  • The refunds from LivingSocial that are allocated in Deal Bucks also processed in 1-2 working days as well and available with suitable purchases on the website. When you logged in to the account you will find the Bucks on the My Vouchers page.
  • The Returns of LivingSocial Shop will take up to 2 weeks for the product to be transported back and processed at the center of returns. It might take 10 working days to show the credit on the bank statement.

What is the refund policy of LivingSocial UK?

The refund policy of LivingSocial differs for each class they offer:-

  • Local deal type

You can request for a refund for the Vouchers which is not yet redeemed and not Final Sale to Deal Bucks till the expiration date is over. Though promotional value is terminated, the voucher is anyway worth at least the payment you spent for it.

  • LivingSocial Shop deal type

You can also exchange the product for another one. The returns need to be done within 30 days after receiving it and ask for a refund to Deal Bucks. If you receive a defective item you will get a full refund. But if you return the item because you do not want the product anymore you will not receive the shipping fee. While returning the product to LivingSocial without a return label you will not be eligible for any refunds.

  • Ticketed Events deal type

Most of the tickets bought through LivingSocial Events are said to be Final Sale. If the request is not a Final Sale, you will receive a refund till late night on the purchase date. 

  • LivingSocial Travel deal type

LivingSocial suggests you to go directly to the partners   if you wish to change the date or cancel the planned trip.

How do I get a Refund for a LivingSocial Travel Deal Types?

The refund process will differ from each other:-

  • LivingSocial Travel Booking Calendar Deals

If the deal is inscribed as the cancellation period is surpassed or non-refundable, the reservation is not valid.

  • LivingSocial Travel Voucher Deals

The dates requested if not available or not accessed then contact the support team before booking by date and the purchase will be refunded.

While requesting a refund you might face some issues. If you had to switch your bank there will be a problem during refunds. For this type of situation, the old bank consequently reroutes the reserves to the new account, and it takes 10 working days to show up the bank statements. If you possess a new card and the credit does not show within 10 days then contact the bank branch directly for support.

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