How do I get a refund from

Nowadays people use online dating apps to make connections and acquaint themselves with probable relationships over the Internet, usually with the purpose of creating personal or romantic relationships.

In this blog we will talk about the refund policy, what are the possible methods to get the refund, etc. is an online website where users are searching for a relationship in the long run. In spite of the fact that it gives a free membership, it also has a premium membership for the customers who want to relish extra advantages, for example, seeing who has seen their profile and fetching monthly discounts on Match occasions.

If you want to purchase the premium subscription the price will change relying on the services you wish to utilize. If you choose the basic package then pay a doubled price. Spending more money consistently can negatively affect your financial balance and is not an aggregate that you want to spend on the services which you no longer use.

Despite the fact that a monthly ten-dollar might not seem much, this figure may become a huge amount when your billing will continue to add for several months at the end. 

In case you cannot afford to pay the membership and do not use the app then you can cancel the subscription and opt for a refund request which will be a reasonable choice.

How to get a refund from

When you decide not to use the Match app then you need to cancel the subscription first. Once you cancel then make a refund request but the policy as per is very strict. So you need to provide valid reason and proof of evidence so that you can get the refund easily.

In order to receive a refund from, you are expected to bind with the rules of their terms and policies. You will be required to pay for the services subscribed till it is active.

Here are the possible methods to seek a refund from

  • Via Online.
  • Contact the customer care for a refund over the phone.
  • Mail a letter seeking for a refund from

Note: Make sure to keep your Apple ID safe because if the purchase is made from the Apple Store then you are requested to follow the  refund policies of them. cannot help in this type of cases.

1. Can I get a refund from online?

People mostly use mobile phones and choose an easy way to have their work done. You can easily cancel the subscription and request a refund online.

Here are the steps to be followed to ask for a refund:

  1. Visit the website

    Firstly, go to the from the browser or mobile app.

  2. Login to the account

    Next step, you need to log in with your credentials or register into the account with an email id and password for the users using the app for the first time.

  3. My Account Settings

    Then, hit the option ‘My Account Settings’ which you will find on the Match page.

  4. Choose to Manage My Subscription

    After that click on Manage My Subscription and verify the account information.

  5. Cancel the Subscription

    Now, hit on the option ‘Continue the Cancelation’.

  6. Answer the questions asked by the chatbot

    Once you cancel the subscription, you need to answer a few of the questions asked by the chatbot.

After canceling the subscription a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox. Next thing, contact the customer service from the customer service support page and ask for a refund. Now send the confirmation email that the membership has been canceled and also valid details so that you can get the refund.

2. Can I get a refund on over the phone?

The other method to request for a refund is to call customer care over the phone. When the online method did not work for you then use this one.

  1. Dial at -800-326-5161. 
  2. Notify about the cancellation of the subscription and then ask for a refund.
  3. Wait for the refund to be processed as there are more than 9.9 million users, and so the refund time will be longer.

3. How to get a refund from by sending a letter?

You can also choose to send a letter to the customer service. Sometimes it so happens that you use the free trial but forgot to cancel the subscription which leads to the automatic renewal. You need to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund.

  • Send a signed and dated letter noting that the agreement is canceled and now you want your money back.
  • Provide all the necessary details such as name in full, email id, contact number, and also the information favoring the claim to refund from Match.
  • Check if you miss something and then send it to: 

Match, Attn: Cancellations
P.O. Box 25472
Dallas, Texas 75225

What is the Refund Policy of

According to Match policies, refunds are not possible for the purchases made. Cancel the subscription before the date of renewal if you no longer want to pay more for the subscription. Because the subscription is auto-renewal so you need to keep track of the date just cancel three days before renewal. The match does not provide a refund instantly but if the weight of your evidence is strong then you will get the money back. Proof of not knowing the exact date of ending your free trial or the reasons for not canceling the subscription that will lead to a paid subscription.

Many users ask on-site does Provide Refunds. Due to its strict policy refund is not easily accessible.

  • If the user dies, a refund is possible.
  • If the individual becomes disabled and the subscription is not yet canceled then a refund will be allowed.

To request a refund from Match, you need to make sure that you haven’t violated any of the company’s Terms and Conditions. Although it can be hard to get a refund from Match, it is still possible.

If you want your refunds from Match then make sure you have not disobeyed any rules of the company. Follow the three methods discussed above and though it is hard, there is still a chance to get your money back.

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