McAfee Refund

  • McAfee is a provider of solutions to Internet Security with extensive subscription services and features.
  • With the Total Protection plan subscription, it will protect the device and keep it safe from any internet threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, phishing software like the VPN, antivirus designed for gamers, secure web browser, parental controls, ID theft protection, etc.

But if you have no more desire to have the subscription on McAfee or may be dissatisfied with the McAfee asset and thereby has performed the process for the McAfee cancel subscription and refund request from the company, then you are at the right stop. Through this article we shall bring to you the methods on ‘How to get refund from McAfee?’ So we urge you to read thoroughly till the end of this page.

What is the McAfee Refund Policy?

Refund is applicable to most of the purchases of McAfee but it includes eligibility to get the refund.

The eligibility lies in the type of subscription period, the service group you bought, and the time elapsed from the purchase of a subscription.

Listed below are some points that need to be considered. Such as:-

  • Taxes are of non-refundable type
  • The annual subscribers can make a request for a refund from the company within 30-days of purchase.
  • The monthly subscribers do not attain the eligibility to get a refund.
  • When the refund has been received then you must uninstall the McAfee software.

What is McAfee Refund Automatic Renewal?

In McAfee there is the McAfee Auto-Renewal Refund service.

So if a user is an annual subscriber on McAfee subscription and has the turned ‘On’ button on auto-renewal subscription, then you will be charged directly from McAfee for the next year once the current subscription period reaches the end term.

But if you do not wish to continue the McAfee subscription, then its company will grant you a full refund on the amount charged. There is only one condition that you must keep in mind that you have to make the request for a refund within 60 days from the days of being charged.

It is allowed only for the users who are with the annual subscription. The one with a monthly subscription is not qualified for this refund service even they choose the option on auto-renewal.

How to get a Refund on McAfee Subscription

The method which you can use for McAfee refund subscription is through the McAfee website form. You just need to fill the refund form that is available on its website. Let us look into this method step by step in detail below:

  1. Visit the official website of McAfee

    Firstly, visit the McAfee official website from any of the desired internet browsing sites.

  2. Tap on ‘Resources’ in header bar

    Next, tap the tab on ‘Resources’ which is at the header bar.

  3. Go to ‘For Home’ section

    Now, go to the section on ‘For Home’.

  4. Select on ‘Support’ button

    Then, select the button on ‘Support’.

  5. Hit on ‘Request a Refund’

    In the next step, hit the box on ‘Request a Refund’.

  6. Choose on ‘United States- English’

    After that from a drop-down menu, choose the option on ‘United States- English’.

  7. Click on ‘Request a Refund’ tab

    On next, click the box on ‘Request a Refund’ once again.

  8. Select reason on requesting refund

    Next, you must select the reason for requesting to get a refund.

  9. Select a way to make contact McAfee for refund

    Now, you need to select a way that is available to contact McAfee for requesting the refund.

  10. The option on ‘Phone Call’ is usually available

    Usually, the option on McAfee customer service refund phone call is quite available.

  11. Enter the First name and Last name in form

    Then, you need to enter your full name on the furnished form below.

  12. Type the phone number to get the account verified

    Type your registered phone number so that the account gets easily verified.

  13. Fill your Email address that is registered

    Next, you have to fill the email address which is connected to the McAfee account such that to be verified easily.

  14. ┬áTap on ‘Continue’

    After that tap on the ‘Continue’ button.

  15. Call on phone number that is present on screen

    Now, you require to call the phone number displayed on your screen.

  16. Click on ‘1’ on refund request

    Here, you must select on option ‘1’ that is related to the request on refund especially for the phone call feature.

  17. Follow the instructions to proceed and complete the steps

    Make sure to follow all the instructions carefully to proceed further and then complete the steps on refund successfully.

Note: If there is an Email alternative available to contact McAfee, then you will be given a contact email ID. You must ensure to include all the essential details and information of the request made by you and to refer a service number.

Is there any process for a user who is a monthly subscriber of McAfee

For a monthly subscriber, if he/she wish to cancel the subscription in the middle of its billing period then you are not eligible to get a partial refund.
The subscription account will be active till the current subscription term ends.

How long does a McAfee refund take to proceed with the request: 

McAfee company looks into each of the requests on refunds individually. It is that you may get approval for the refund immediately or to get approved may even take few weeks.

Once approved to get the refund, the amount will be deposited on your bank account within 10 days from the day of your approval.


Hence, for the McAfee refund, you can follow the above steps or can directly contact the Customer Service phone number to request a refund and must also know that the McAfee auto-renewal refund service mainly works for the users as annual subscribers on McAfee. Hope you have learned about the refund method on McAfee and thereby it will also help you to perform the process handily.

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