How to Refund Minecraft:

Minecraft is one of the popular selling games with around 200M copies sold over different platforms and has more than 125M active users. This platform developed by the Mojang Studios enables its players to explore the blocky, 3D realm with never-ending terrain and also extract raw elements, build structures, and craft tools.

But in case, you have purchased the Minecraft gameplay and now wish to make a refund request then you need to have an idea of is Minecraft refundable.

So here in this article, we would like to discuss some of the common questions related to Minecraft refund like ‘How to get a refund on Minecraft’, ‘Can I refund Minecraft Windows 10’, ‘How to refund Minecraft on iPhone’, ‘Can you get a refund on Minecraft’ and so on. Thereby we advise you to go through this article till the end in order to clear your doubts related to Minecraft’s request for a refund.

Minecraft Refund Policy:

The game Minecraft is accessible on several platforms and it has about 15 editions itself. So depending on its edition, the policy on refunds may differ.

Its most distinguished editions: are Java Edition and for mobile devices Xbox Edition and Windows 10.

Can you Refund Minecraft Java Edition:

Yes, you can request for Minecraft Java Edition refund. Your purchase will be refunded by  Mojang Studios if you make a  contact with them for a refund within 15 days of ordering it. Note that the refunds can be accessed only in certain circumstances.

How to get a refund for Minecraft:

If the refund reason fits under company terms for Minecraft refund Java then you can make a request for a refund.

The steps that are to be followed on how to refund Minecraft Java are stated below:-

  1. Firstly, move to the Minecraft Customer Support Service page.
  2. Fill in your email address and name which is related to the account on Minecraft.
  3. Now, from the dropdown list, click on your desired one to return as “Minecraft Java Edition’.
  4. Next, enter the in-game name of the Java account.
  5. In the next step, enter the Transaction ID.
  6. Then, select the ‘Refund Request’ from the pop-up menu.
  7. A section will appear where you can clarify the request for the refund in a detailed way and can even bind any files or photos.
    Note:- Ensure to include thr Transaction ID and the Order Number in this section.
  8. Finally, tap on ‘Submit’ and you are done.

Can you refund Minecraft Windows 10:

For Minecraft refund Windows 10, you can do so via your Digital Microsoft Store, as if this is the place where you have bought your game.

Before moving on to how to get a refund on Minecraft Windows 10, you need to meet a few requirements:-

  • A good reason to return the game: You purchased it by an accident, someone purchased it without your knowledge or it may be as if the game won’t work.
  • The game needs to be returned within 14 days of the purchase.
  • Your playtime of yours on all the platforms must not exceed 2 hours.
  • Only the base Minecraft game is eligible for a refund and not the downloaded content or the add-ons.

How to refund Minecraft Windows 10:

The points to refer to on how to refund Minecraft Windows 10 Edition are as follows:-

  1. First, go to its website of Microsoft.
  2. Next, navigate to the account page of Microsoft and then Sign-in.
  3. Then from the top section, select on ‘Payment & Billing’ tab.
  4. Pick the ‘Order History’.
  5. Look for your purchased Minecraft game.
  6. Once you locate it, hit the button on ‘Request a Refund’.
  7. Next, you need to select a reason for the return of the game from the dropdown list.
  8. Enter any additional information in the provided textbox.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions till the final step.

It is a sort of self-service alternative, so if the request does not infringe the terms of a refund then, the refunding Minecraft Windows 10 will get approved immediately.

Can you Refund the Minecraft request for another Edition of the Minecraft Game:

As you know, Minecraft is a game that you can play on various platforms, so the procedure for a refund depends on the company from which you made your purchase.

You must learn that requesting refunds on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle, Apple or Nintendo is not the option.

The other platforms may offer a refund on strict deadlines or on a partial refund.

  • For Minecraft refund on Android Edition, a refund can be obtained only within the first 2 hours of the gameplay. For additional details and information check the Google Play support website.
  • If the Minecraft gameplay is bought for PS4 and wishes for requesting a refund then you can perform it via the ‘Chatbot’ which is on the PlayStation Store Customer Support page under the time limit of 14 days of the purchase.

Hope, this guide helps you to make a request for a Minecraft refund under valid circumstances.

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