MoneyGram refund Policy

How to get a MoneyGram refund?

In this blog, we will talk about Moneygram refund Walmart, refund policy, reviews on refunds, etc.

MoneyGram is an international platform where an individual can transfer money. It was established in 1940, a U.S.-based, where its bases are in Dallas, Texas.

Here the organizations falls into two categories:-

  • Financial Paper Products.
  • Global Funds Transfers.

This company is the world’s second largest provider for transferring money,, preceded by Western Union only. It also employs over 200 countries and provinces with a network more than 347,000 dealer offices.

If you do not want your money order to be sent then cancel the order and ask for a refund. You need to go through few policies to get the refund back.

What is the Refund Policy of MoneyGram?

The papers you received while making a payment will specified the rights and availability of receiving the refunds from MoneyGram. If you are eligible accordingto the terms and policies then you will surely get your money back.

Here are few rules and thise cases MoneyGram does not allocate your refunds:

  • Incidental, 
  • Indirect, 
  • Consequential damages. 

There are few more cases in which the company does not take any burden for:-

  • If there is a delay, loss, mistake, or any damages occurring from natural situations then the company is not responsible for a refund.
  • Destructions resulted in by the users’ disappointment to accept the terms.
  • Declined or restricted transactions due to:-
    • Inadequate funds.
    • If the instructions for transfer are not followed appropriately.
    • Incorrect, incomplete, or lack of information.
    • The receiver failed or refused to collect the money order.

How can you get a refund for a Moneygram money order?

There are three methods to get a refund from Moneygram.

  • Via Phone.
  • Through a Website.
  • Via Mail.

1) How to request a refund from MoneyGram by phone?

When you want to speak to customer care without wasting much time then consider calling the customer care phone number.

Dial at -212-975-9265 and make a request to cancel the transaction. Provide the transaction details along with the reference number, the destination, and the amount sent.

2) How can I request a refund from MoneyGram online?

You need to cancel the transaction before requesting a refund.

Following are the steps mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, go to the website at
  • Next, you need to log in to the profile.
  • Search the transaction details in the transaction history.
  • Then tap the Cancel tab on the Transaction Details page.

Your request for cancellation gets processed and the  MoneyGram will fetch the refund money and deposit it back to your account through the original payment method.

3) How to request a refund from MoneyGram Money Order through Mail?

The money sent through money order is different from the request made for a regular refund.

You can send an email just by filling up a claim card form requesting a refund from MoneyGram. A charge of $18 you need to pay as processing fees or else the amount will be reduced from the refund’s amount.

Once you include all the necessary details of the transaction you are now ready to mail it to:

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc.
PO Box 610 
Minneapolis, MN 55480-0610

How much time does it take to get the refund from MoneyGram?

It would take 3 to 10 working days for the refunds to show up in your bank account. The payment will be in the original mode of payment as per the policy of MoneyGram.

You will not charge any extra fees if the cancellation is done within 30 minutes of payment, and thus obtain a full refund. If cancellation is done after half an hour up to 180 days then you need to pay the extra charge for the cancellation.

You will not receive any refunds after 180 days have passed.

What if there is fraud in the process of refund from MoneyGram?

If the fraudsters have encouraged you to use the MoneyGram to send the money order and in some cases, you do not have other options and you fall under this scam or fraud.

If you find yourself in this type of situation then contact the support team by filling an online form or call the phone number -1-800-926-9400.

MoneyGram has a center for consumer fraud prevention and FAQs. This guide will help you to prevent yourself from falling prey to such a scam.

Issues you might confront while requesting a refund  from MoneyGram

The Moneygram refund reviews according to the Consumer Affairs does not overflow with ideal reviews. Users grumble about the process taking much time, blocked their account by mistake or cancelled the money order without any notice.

Here is an example of one of the customers reporting that the money order $2,500 she sent to Hungary from the U.S. was denied by the receiver and cancelled the order though she received a confirmation email for pick up.

Continuously requesting customer care for the explanation of the canceled transaction and seeking a refund, she did not receive any penny.

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