Netflix Refund Policy

How can I get a refund from Netflix?

Netflix, known as the most entertaining app to date. Very familiar with the name here you can find users of almost more than 180 million with a paid subscription. Its business is growing day by day with an increased million subscribers.

Netflix is an app where you can find lots of movies, series, etc. You can select what type of genre you want to watch and then you need to subscribe to the app.  There is monthly plan such as:

  • Mobile.
  • Basic.
  • Standard.
  • Premium.

Select which one is appropriate to your budget and also your device.

Though Netflix is a leading app like Amazon prime, Disney Hotstar, etc while watching you can face errors that will hinder you from watching on your device. Many users opt to cancel the subscription and wish to get the money return.

In this blog, we will help you out to learn about the Netflix refund policy, to refund the payment back from Netflix, etc.

What is the Refund Policy of Netflix?

In most cases, the Netflix refund policy states that a refund is not possible. But we are happy to inform you that there are few exceptions where a refund is granted to its users.

For your knowledge, we would like to say that by canceling the subscriptions you will not a refund but if:

  • You canceled the subscription but Netflix charged you after that.
  • You might be charged when you are on the free trial.

The refund policy of Netflix is very rigid and you will be refunded only if the mistake was done by Netflix itself. If you were charged after canceling the subscription then Netflix will grant you the refund. money back. If you deliver valid proof of canceling the subscription then surely you will be refunded.

When you are charged during the free trial, Netflix will check that the credit card you are using is valid and have a sufficient amount so that you can pay for the subscription. In such situations, a refund is possible and soon the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

If you are wrongly charged after canceling or during the free hour then you can ask for a refund of the amount that was deducted from the credit card.

How to refund my money from Netflix?

There are two methods available to ask for a refund from Netflix.

  • Via Online.
  • Contact Netflix customer service over the phone.

1. Can I get a refund from Netflix Online?

If you are charged by mistake from Netflix you can go to the website and request a refund at the customer service page. If you provide a shred of full proof evidence about the wrongly charged subscription you will get the payment back.

2. How to request a refund from Netflix over the phone?

As we know refunds are not easily accessible unless the fault is on the Netflix end, you can reach out to the customer service and make a request for a refund using the phone.

Dial at +1-888-638-3549 and provide all the relevant information regarding the cancellation of the subscription. It might take more than 10-12 minutes to answer the call by any of the Netflix reps.

Can I cancel Netflix and get a refund?

If you want to request a refund but before that, you are required to cancel the subscription.

Here are the steps for cancelling the Netflix subscription:

  1. Visit the Netflix website

    First and foremost, go to the website of Netflix from your browser or mobile app whichever is available.

  2. Tap on the Profile picture

    Next, hit on the Profile picture.

  3. Choose the Account

    Select the Account option.

  4. Select the Cancel Membership

    From the Membership and Billing section, click on the Cancel Membership.

  5. Confirm the process

    Lastly, tap the Confirm button to complete the process.

Note: If you have subscribed to Netflix through Apple ID or iTunes then you need to follow their rules and policies to cancel the subscription.

Why Netflix did not refund me?

If you are qualified for the refund and followed the terms and conditions of Netflix that make you eligible for it, but Netflix declines and rejects your request. In this case, you can contact the customer service of Netflix and ask for a request to grant you a refund.

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