Norton Refund Policy

Norton Refund

Norton is a well known Antivirus software that was formulated by NortonLifeLock, in the year 1991. The software product Norton is popularly known for the feature of anti-malware that provides protection to your device from the computer viruses. At the same time it keeps the device safe from the threats of spam emails, phishing etc.

However, the experience and expectation was not up to the mark with the software of Norton and not satisfied with it then you may be permitted to go for a refund by following its refund policy. So here with this handy guide we hope you find the best outcomes on your confusions and questions so that you can perform the process on refund in a convenient way.

Norton Refund Policy

One must always go through the refund policy stated by Norton 360 Refund policy in order to know whether you are eligible for a refund or not.

As per the Norton 60 day refund policy:

One must approach to ask for a refund on any of the products of Norton within 60 days of purchasing the product.

On monthly Norton subscription:

There is a money back guarantee of 14 days  for those which are with the Norton monthly subscription.

Some of the parts while making the purchase are not eligible for a refund. Those are listed below:

  • Taxes that were applicable
  • Charges on handling and shipping
  • Damage caused by the computer virus
  • The product which was refunded previously and the purchase of the product was made again i.e on repeat purchase
  • Purchases that were finalised by the third party agent
  • Products that are not for a resale and on the software that are complementary
  • Services of Norton that were redeemed or the setup had been already completely done.

If you want an Norton refund for automatic renewal on which you already made your payment and now you do not want it, then you can also make a request for the refund. The automatic renewal subscription on annual also offers a 60 day refund window to withdraw and ask for getting the money back.

When do you expect for Norton Antivirus Refund:

When contact has been made to the representative of the company or has sent an inquiry, then now it depends on the Norton firm to either accept or deny the Norton refund request made by you. If the request is approved it may take at least seven days to initiate the money back in the bank account.

And if there are any doubts then contact Norton for refund and talk with the customer service and explain the situation or issues you are facing.

How to get Norton Refund:

One must not hesitate and likely take the action if you desire to get back the refund. There are several methods through which one can request a Norton refund. One must take note that sending a request via email or through a form may take a long time and the request will be rejected by the Norton company in absence of any information. Which leads to the refunds on automatic renewals and the subscription which are purchased from Online Store of Norton. And because of this, it is advisable that you call directly to them and talk about the refund with the representative itself.

1. How to request for Norton antivirus refund over the Phone:

The steps one need to perform to reach the rep, to talk about the refund are as follows:

  • Dial the toll-free Norton refund number:
    At first, dial the Norton refund phone number which is toll-free in nature at (855) 815-2726. One can also dial the customer service phone number at (844) 488-4540. Call any of these numbers to talk with the rep to get a refund.
  • Hold for a while:
    Next, hold for a while, as it may take time for the rep to give a response. From 5 pm to 8 pm seem to be a bit busy, so you may need to be in a queue.
  • Explain the reason for contacting:
    Then, explain all the issues to the rep when asked by them on Norton refund if you are eligible or not.
  • Request to get a refund:
    Now, make a request to get the refund as stated by the refund policy.
  • Follow the steps as instructed by the rep:
    Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions carefully stated by the rep if there is any.

2. How to go for a refund on Norton via the website:

In order to request a refund from the website one need to go for the Online Chat service. Here are the steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the Norton website:

    In the first step, visit the Norton website from any preferred browsing site.

  2. Navigate to the Online chat tab:

    Next, directly navigate to the section on ‘Online Cha’.

  3. Fill the form that must include personal details:

    Now, one must fill the form in the ‘Chat’ page which must include the personal details and information.

  4. Explain the issue:

    Then, you need to explain the issue on getting a refund.

  5. Hit on ‘Submit’ tab:

    In the last step, hit on the tab on ‘Submit’ which will submit the form to the company.

  6. Wait for the rep to contact you:

    One must wait so that the rep would contact you back on your issues.

How to request a refund on the subscription of Norton purchased from Retail Store through a letter:

The procedure on subscriptions which is bought from retail stores differs from the above method. The steps one must follow to request a refund are described below:

  • Download the form that is required for the respective region from the website of Norton:
    Firstly, download the form for the respective region from the Norton website on your device.
  • Print the form:
    Next, print the form to fill.
  • Fill the form along with the required details and then Sign on it:
    Then, fill the form by entering the required details and information and then sign on it.
  • Look for the ‘Subscription Key’ label:
    In the next step, look for the label on ‘Subscription Key’ which is on the card envelope attached to the received package.
  • Print it and make a photocopy of the Subscription Key with the receipt in original with the visible date and the price of purchase:
    Now print the subscription key label and make a photocopy of it along with the receipt in original form with the date and price of the purchase.
  • Don’t tape or staple altogether the papers in the envelope:
    Always remember not to put a tape or staple the papers together that are included in the prepared envelope.
  • Send the respective form, Subscription Key, and the receipt to the address mentioned in the form:
    Then, just send the form, receipt, and the subscription key of the envelope to the address that is mentioned in the form.
  • After getting the refund, delete the files associated with the refund subscription:
    After you receive the refund, all the program files which are associated with the refund subscription must be deleted.
    Note: The request may take nearly six weeks in order to process the refund.
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