How to Get a Refund from OnlyFans

Many of the users face confusion and search for the answers to questions such as ‘When subscribing on OnlyFans creator and then cancelling the subscription a few days later, can I receive a refund?

So by looking into your doubts, we like to bring to your knowledge all the OnlyFans Refund related details along with the model of subscription in the content creators world. Here on this page we will try to answer on ‘How to get refund from OnlyFans’, ‘Can I get a refund on OnlyFans’ and so on.

Free trial on OnlyFans

It is seen that some of the content creators on OnlyFans offer free trials.

  • The free trial offered by the OnlyFans creators comes up with a certain time period which varies from 7 (seven) days or it can be a month.
  • While some of the creators may choose not to deliver a free trial and charge the fee on subscription for the month.
  • Also, remember that the subscription on OnlyFans is a recurring one.
  • The recurring in it implies that users need to make payment as a monthly fee to watch or stream the content of the certain subscribed OnlyFans creator.

Model of OnlyFans Subscription

It is that, on OnlyFans creator subscription, you need to pay the fees on a monthly basis, 20% of the fee proceeds to the company of OnlyFans and the remaining moves to the account of the creator. The payment on OnlyFans is on a weekly basis.

So when you make a subscription to a creator on OnlyFans which does not offer a free trial period, then it is not possible to get a refund OnlyFans subscription.

As per the OnlyFans refund policy, no refund is available on cancellation of the OnlyFans subscription.

In this OnlyFans content company, users can subscribe to the content creators on OnlyFans and can access his or her contents in just a few days.

So when you stream through all the topics of your subscribed OnlyFans creator, it is seen that many of us choose to cancel the OnlyFans subscription and also look to get back a refund on the subscription fee. But this is impossible, as you have watched all its content and then ask for a refund. In business model companies in which the content is its business model, in that case to get back a refund is not possible.

Can I get a refund from OnlyFans

The answer to this question is ‘No’.

You won’t receive a refund on the OnlyFans subscription. You can choose to cancel the subscription on OnlyFans and will be able to enjoy its content for that particular month on which you had subscribed for the OnlyFans creator but remember that you won’t receive back the paid money.

Thus, we hope that by reading this page you have got your answers related to OnlyFans refund but still if there is any query contact at to get help from the OnlyFans customer support team.

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