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Worry about refunds on cancellation at Parcel2Go. Refunds can be acquired if the refund policy is acknowledged properly. If still searching for policies and ways, this page will assist to understand the refund policy-making route to get refunds in the best possible way.

A brief on Parcel2Go:-

A platform for sending parcels and Bolton is its headquarters. The price here is low compared to other platforms charged for sending packets from small boxes to large boxes.

After delivering the package if the service is no longer wanted make a cancellation request. In case you made a payment request for a refund claim the money back.

Parcel2Go Refund Policy 

  • Check for the service definition before requesting a refund at the time of payment and refunds are allotted according to it.
  • Consequential losses are not refunded.
  • Refunds will be returned to the original mode of payment. The payment takes 5 to 7 business days to process the amount to the account.
  • In order to request a refund 28 days will be allotted starting from the day order is received.
  • Received items or the service has taken place then no refunds for additional add-ons such as Delivery Guarantee Premium, Text Message Notifications, Signature, and Parcel Protection.
  • Parcels delivered after 12 pm, an extra day included to guarantee a date of delivery.

Methods to request Parcel2Go refunds

You can make a request for a refund on the website at Parcel2Go. The steps to request a refund Online on Parcel2Go:

As soon as you reach the page, you will see an option to ask for a Parcel2Go refund. 

  1. Click, reach the Home Page move to the Help Center.
  2. Choose the Service Problem Menu in the next step.
  3. Now, tap the option, “Request Refund”.
  4. Next, select the Quick Solution Menu and pick either the Cancel option or the Refund a Parcel option as per your requirements.

You need to enter other related information to complete the refund procedure. Users without an account might be asked to register into the account and in some cases, users need to provide more information or link to Google or FaceBook accounts.

There are some prerequisites to be taken care of when you finally get the option ‘Request a Refund’, to check the situations comply with the situation you are currently in:

  • Maintain the deadline of a period of 28 days, exceeding the day might be a cancellation of a refund request by the company.
  • Make sure to mark the refund request prior to delivery. If the collection period is passed, the refund will be processed in 2 working days.

Once eligible for a refund there are other steps to be taken care of. Your next step is to ‘Find Your Order’ using a reference number, address, or name, linked with the booking and the period of one week to one month. 

After that, choose a reason by selecting the ‘Provide a Reason’ option. A list pops up:-

  • Customer Cancellation
  • Label Error
  • Failed Collection
  • Multi Parcel Error 
  • Duplicate Order
  • Prohibited Parcel Contents

Now, you have successfully completed the refund criteria at Parcel2Go. You need to be patient and wait for a refund to arrive in a few days. Make sure to keep your booking number so that you do not face any issues while requesting a refund online.


Parcel2go cancel refund request method

You can ask for a refund via online at the website at Going through the refund policies will make your task easier to acquire your refunds.
Parcel2Go also offers the option for requesting a refund through Live Chat.

Parcel2go late delivery refund

If you are subscribed for Delivery Guarantee, refund requests on late delivery will definitely be provided. But if the delivery is completed then the Delivery Guarantee option is not reasonable.

Summing Up

The problem of refunds not reaching customers’ accounts is reported by numerous customers who labeled refunds as difficult and could be better. The issue with the technical language leads to the loss of parcels and lack of insured parcels.

Still, you can try contacting customer service via the Live Chat option. They were available 7 days in a

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