Plenty Of Fish Refund Policy

Plenty Of Fish Refund

Do you want to know How To Get a Refund From POF Services? Today, in this blog, I will tell you how to request POF(Plenty Of Fish) hassle-free. It is a web-based dating website that provides support for many folks to find true love. The website was initially getting a pick in Canada. However, its quality has augmented in different countries. Sadly, it doesn’t continually work for everybody. Demanding your POF refund is often troublesome if you don’t understand the stepway to follow. But it is not that hard if you found a helpful guide that you are going to get in this article. If you forget your user id, you are still able to sign-in along through your secret term and email address. You can ensure your user id if you tap under ‘My Profile.’ Furthermore, you may have the choice of recreating your private pin. 

The method of declining your paid subscription varies from device to device. If you’re using POF in a smartphone then again you need to follow different steps for IOS or Android. All the in-app purchases will be made by the mode or method of payment you have selected on the POF website of POF. Tax will also be included when you will try to make any in-app purchases. The subscriptions you have made will be auto renewed every month until you cancel the premium subscription on your own.

POF Refund Policy

POF doesn’t provide you with any refund for paid subscriptions that you just used partly. If you are an inhabitant of the E.U. or European Economic Area then the great news is that law permits you to demand a refund for all of your cash. You’ll request your refund within fourteen days, ranging from your subscription if you are from Ohio, Connecticut, Iowa, Arizona, Wisconsin, California, Rhode Island, Illinois, New York, New York, or North Carolina. The law permits you to deny your subscription without any penalties. You’ll be able to cancel your premium membership at any minute before the time of day on the third working day when your subscription time. If you passed away before your paid membership expires, your recipient gets a POF subscription refund from your account. If you’re unable and disabled to persist using POF services whereas your subscription continues to be active, you’ll get a refund equal to how many days are left for the end of your membership. You need to send a notice regarding a refund to the company. However, you can’t demand refunds for virtual stuff.

However, if you authorize a refund, you signed for your Plenty Of Fish account through your Apple Identity Document, Apple will handle your refunds. Contact them rather than Plenty Of Fish. I have mentioned the subsequent steps right below:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings icon & then App Stores or iTunes.
  2. Tap on Apple ID & check out your purchase history.
  3. Visit your dealing and select the button ‘Report a problem.’ 

How Can You Cancel Plenty Of Fish?

Canceling Plenty Of Fish Subscription is not rocket science. However, for some users, it may be difficult to cancel their POF membership.
So let’s check out the steps to do this,

  1. sign in

    At very first sign in to your POF’s account.

  2. Help button

    Tap on the Help button located on the left top corner of your screen.

  3. Remove

    Go with Remove Profile.

  4. delete

    Click on the delete my account button.

  5. account details

    Fill out your account details like user id, the reason behind Cancel POF, & Pass.

Note:- Alongside deleting your POF account your paid membership will also get deleted.

Plenty Of Fish Refund Policy For The Citizens Of Particular Countries?

If you wish to call off ahead of the 3rd day of your membership expires then the best part is that you don’t need to pay any extra buck to cancel your subscription. Moreover, you can be entitled for a refund if you become disabled or passed away however the money you will get back is equal to the number of days your account has from the date you die or become disabled.

If you become unable to enjoy POF service anymore then you have to send a date note descringin that you are not capable of using their service anymore and want your money back alongside your account details like email id, contact number related to yoru POF’ account.

Refund from POF

You have a great chance to get services & products that POF offers. If you buy a subscription, it’ll automatically recommence & you may be charged – till you cancel. POF may additionally provide services & products for purchase through credit card or alternative payment options on the official website or right from their App.

After you buy a subscription, it’ll automatically renew till you cancel, under the terms & condition revealed to you during your purchase, as mentioned right below. If you want to cancel your subscription, you will still check out your subscription perks till your subscription duration. For that purpose, it’ll expire. Since the Services could also be enjoyed without a subscription, cancelling your subscription doesn’t take away your profile from Plenty of Fish (POF). If you want to connect to POF’ customer service line then you can directly give a try to call sadly, their support on call is not that good. But if you are lucky enough to contact them on call then speak to the user service provider that you are not interested in their service anymore & want to cancel and tell your account details so that they can match those details with their database to verify that you are the same person who wants a refund.. Certify to raise if there are any refundable fees or not entitled for you. You ought to receive mail once the cancellation process starts. Hold on the user service agent on the road till then you receive the email and ensure the correct refund details. If nobody answers your query, strive to email into lots of Fish’s client support inbox.

You have to give all your account details such as the total number of refunds you are requesting, dates of all in-app purchases, lastly the main reason you are requesting for your refund. The additional details you give, the faster the problem is going to be settled down. Note: It should take some business days before you get a reply from POF. 

POF Service Refunds:

Usually, all acquisitions are non-repayable. Special terms apply in Minnesota, New York, Arizona, Iowa, California, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Ohio, & the European Economic area or E.U. There aren’t any credit or POF refunds for the duration you used their services, except if the laws applicable in your administration allows for refunds. For the subscribers residing within the E.U. or European Economic Area:

By native law, they are qualified to a full refund throughout the fourteen days once the subscription starts. One should carefully note that this 2-week amount commences once the subscription begins for subscribers who live in Connecticut, Arizona, California, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, & Rhode Island. You are allowed denied your paid membership, without any obligation or penalty at any instant before the time of day of the third working day from the date you signed.

Suppose something happens, in the case that you passed away before the end of your paid membership amount. In that event, your money shall be refunded of that portion equal to any payment that you’d pay as a membership fee that is distributive to the amount after your death. Furthermore, if you just become unable to enjoy their service (such that you cannot use their Services) prior to the end of your paid package. You shall be qualified for a refund of the part of any compensation you had paid for your paid subscription that is distributive to the amount once your incapacity. Through providing the corporate notice within the same way as you demand a payback as described right below.

 If any problem on the top is applying to you and you signed using your Apple ID, your POF upgrade refund demands are managed by Apple, not by POF. To appeal for a refund, kindly contact your external providers directly; as an example, using your Apple device, visit Settings > iTunes & App Stores > [Tap on your Apple ID] > read Apple ID > Purchase History. notice the transaction and choose “Report a drag.”

You’ll be able to request a refund at conjointly. For the other purchase, please contact POF client Service together with your order variety (check out your confirmation mail) by mailing or delivering a signed & dated note that states you as a one of the buyer wise to cancel the agreement or words of comparable impact. Please try to include the email address or phone number related to your account together with your order number.

Bonus Tip:

If you still have trouble obtaining your refund on Plenty of Fish, you must try to contact POF’s customer service desk. You can contact POF for a refund by the POF customer service number (800) 952-5210). The help desk of the POF is often willing to assist you. You will be able to reach them on their mobile or email.


I hope you get the idea on How To Get A Refund From POF Services in a hassle freeway. However, if you still have any doubts regarding this blog post, don’t legislate to ping us in the post’s comment section. It will be a pleasure to help you out and don’t forget to share this article.

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