Pokemon Go Refund

In the year 2016 Augmented Reality games got a lot of fame because at that time a game named Pokemon Go was on the hit list. This game is specifically for smartphones that boosts you to find, seize, combat, and train real creatures known to be Pokemons. This has increased the number of users to 67 million.

You can download the game for free but you need to purchase the PokeCoins from the shop of Pokemon Go. Many complaints from the users as they undergo technical issues in-app purchases. In case you are facing such troubles,  you can make a request from Pokemon Go.

How To Get a Refund on Pokemon Go?

If you want to get refunds from Pokemon Go, you need to have the following issues:-

  • By mistake, you made an in-app purchase.
  • You might be charged twice for the purchases by Pokemon Go.
  • You cannot use the in-app purchases as you encounter technical problems with the app.

The request for a refund on Pokemon Go depends on the equipment you are using.

  • Apple’s App Store
  • Google Play store

How To get an Apple refund for Pokemon Go coins?

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Visit the page of  Apple’s Report a Problem.
  2. Then sign in with the Apple ID and the password.
  3. Search the app Pokemon Go and next to it there will be a Report tab.
  4. Tap on the Report a Problem tab.
  5. You need to clearly explain the reason for the refund as they instructed.
  6. Tap on the Submit button.

You can also reach out to Apple’s customer support and ask for a refund via chat or through the phone.

Make a request Google Play Refund on Pokemon Go

Android users need to request a refund through Google Play.

Follow the steps of instruction below to get the refund:-

  1. Firstly, from the Google Play support page, click on the Returns and Refunds.
  2. Next, search and tap on Apps, Games, and In-app Purchases.
  3. Choose the timing of your purchase.
  4. Type the information about the reason for asking for a refund.
  5. Hit the Submit button.

What is the Refund Policy for Pokemon Go Raid Pass?

The basic concern about Pokemon Go is that they do not give refunds themselves. According to the policy you need to go to the store of the app from where you bought the in-app items. This confuses the refund process as there are different policies on refund for different app stores.

As per the refund policy of Apple:-

  • A refund is possible if you make a request within 14 days of the purchase.
  • The verification of the request will be completed within 2 days.
  • Your location will have an impact on the eligibility of your refund.
  • Exchanging the item in the app store is possible.

The refund policy of Google Play:-

  • Accidental purchases by the users are eligible for a refund.
  • Unauthorized charges can be reported within 120 days of the transaction.
  • Refund requests on Google Play after purchasing can be made within 48 hours.
  • The developers are the third parties on which refund relies on.
  • You can get the refund automatically if within two hours of purchase you uninstall the app.

If you want to know the time period to receive or get the refund, that depends on your mode of payment.

  1. App Store:
  • If the Payment Method is Store Credit then within 48 hours you will get back the money.
  • If payment is made through Mobile phone then it might take 60 days.
  • Different other payment modes might take one month.
  1. Google Play:
  • Using a debit or credit card the refund will be credited in 3 to 5 working days.
  • Using Mobile carrier billing, the refund might take 1 to 30 working days.
  • Google Play will take one working day to receive the refund.
  • The payment mode via Online banking might take up to 1 to 10 working days.
  • Via PayPal, you need to wait for 3 to 5 working days to get the refund.

Expected problems  experience by you while making a request refund on Pokemon Go:

For in-app purchases refund on Pokemon Go, you might not encounter any issues. But if you cannot request a refund through the App Store then make sure that your charge is not pending. If so, you cannot request for refunds till the payment is not received by the service. Once your payment goes through you can make a request for a refund.

How much time does it take to get a Pokemon Go Refund?

The time totally depends on the app store from where you purchase and at what mode you paid your payment. Through App Store, it might take 48 hours to complete the refund process.

For Google Play, refunds are possible in one working day, but if there are more refunds then it can more than one day.

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