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Regret purchasing a product that leads to product return and requesting a refund. The process of refund is quite stressful, dealing with reps with no empathy, and the processing time seems to be long. In some cases, you might not receive the product but marked it as delivered. Whatever the situation might be, if your reasons are valid you can request a refund. 

This page is a guide to help you in making a refund request for the purchase using the Santander Card. Here we have included topics such as:

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Santander was previously a sovereign bank owned by the Spanish Santander Group. The bases are in Boston. The bank acquired its name Santander in the year 2013. Santander is efficient at notifying you about suspicious activity going on in the account.

Requesting Santander for a refund is not an easy task because you did not purchase from Santander directly, instead, you have been utilizing Santander Credit or Debit cards. As you have no direct relation with Santander make sure to contact the seller for a refund before contacting customer service at Santander.

In case you fail to try to get refunds from the seller then you need to Santander for a chargeback.

Will Santander refund scammed money?

As per Santander Refund Policy, there are a few points to keep in mind if you want the purchase eligible for a refund:

  • You need to utilize a Santander debit card at the Santander ATM.
  • The items or services acquired should be delivered to make the purchase eligible for a refund.
  • Do check if any of the transactions are pending as they won’t appear in the account book.
  • The transaction period should not exceed 120 days except for certain situations.

How does Santander refund Consumer USA? 

Refunds are approved with valid reasons, proof of the items, charges made on the card, transaction details, order description, and other problems like overdraft or overpayment fees.

In order to contact customer service you are requested to keep all the item or service-related information in hand.

Santander provides different methods for consumers to reach them when they face any card-related issues.

  • Dialing -0800-9-123-123 to get in touch with reps at Santander. Wait for a call to answer, asking to talk with one of the customer services and request for refund.
  • Visit the local branch to get information about the refunds.
  • You can chat with the customer rep on the Santander website to inquire about your chargeback.
  • If you have a banking account, try reaching customer service using it.

How much time take to receive a refund at Santander 

Refund duration cannot be determined easily as the period between the request made and the original payment mode where the amount will be returned, relies on where refunds are allotted.

Merchant Refund:- 

On contacting the seller for a refund, you will receive the amount in 4 to 5 working days and show up in the statement book. In this situation, you need to contact the merchant, not Santander as a chargeback is allotted from the merchant directly.

Santander refunded USA card:-

Refunds from Santander might be longer than usual. If you paid the payment through check, credit, or debit card you need to check the Santander card balance whether your refunds are processed or not. It will take 7 to 10 working days to appear the balance in the card statement.


Why did I get a Santander Consumer USA refund card?

In case, if the loan balance was recently decreased to zero but you did not pay off any, it implies Santander offers you relief from payment by providing a refund in the form of a debit card.

What is Santander Gap Insurance Refund Lawsuit?

Santander overstepped TDCA by inducing charges to customers making payments on the phone or online. The fees increased to $10.95 led to a lawsuit against Santander Consumer USA and

Will they refund my Santander debit card if it expires?

Expired card refunds will be directed to the account attached to the card directly.

Santander Overdraft Fee Refund

The overdraft fee at Santander is $100, this means if the transaction causes an overdraw of the account balance by $100 or less, no charges for an overdraft.

If you wish to approve and pay payments for an overdraft on a Time Debit Card or ATM contact Santander at the given contact number. -1-877-768-2265.

Santander Overpayment Refund

Refunds on overpayment will follow the rules as mentioned in the refund policy. Overpayment made by check, bank transfer, or cash, furnish transaction proof to receive a refund.

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