SeatGeek Refund Policy

SeatGeek Refund Policy

SeatGeek is a platform, which is mainly focused on where people can either buy or sell tickets for programs such as theatre, on sports events, concerts and many others from mobile. SeatGeek is well known as it searches for the biggest and huge sites for tickets and grants the result at one place.

Sometimes the events of which you bought the tickets may get cancelled, rescheduled or postponed. And for such an instance usually it is seen that buyers look to get back the money i.e a refund and return the tickets.

So for situations like these, now you do not need to be worried any more. As in this blog we will make sure to put forward about a SeatGeek refund that one must know.

What is the method for SeatGeek Refund

In order to make a request for the refund on SeatGeek then you can choose any of the following mentioned methods which suits you the best.

The methods are:

  1. Chat through the ChatBox on its website
  2. Via an Email
  3. By mailing letter to SeatGeek company

1. How to get back refund through the Live Chat method:

To perform refund process on SeatGeek via the Live Chat method, then one need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the SeatGeek website:

    In the first step, visit the official website of SeatGeek through the preferred internet browser on the computer or one can also open the iOS app on the phone.

  2. Hit on the ‘Support’ tab:

    Next, hit the tab on ‘Support’.

  3. Look for the ‘Hello, how can we help?’ tab:

    In the next step, looking for the option on ‘Hello, how can we help?’ which is at the right side corner of the screen, click on it to proceed further.

  4. Ask for the Refund:

    Lastly, explain about the return and ask to get back the refund to the agent.

2. How to go for the SeatGeek refund through an Email:

  • Compose an Email:
    Firstly, compose an Email to the SeatGeek company.
  • Ask on Refund SeatGeek:
    Next, ask the rep to get the refund on SeatGeek.
  • Send it to the SeatGeek email address:
    At last, send the email to the SeatGeek official email address at

Note: Make sure to get an instant reply from the firm, if not then move to the contact support page as there is no specific SeatGeek refund phone number, so just navigate to the contact tab for further process.

3. How to get SeatGeek Refund via a letter:

Here are the steps one need to perform for getting the refund on SeatGeek through a mail are:

  • Write a letter:
    In the first step write a letter to the SeatGeek company.
  • Ask on getting the refund:
    Next, through the letter ask for getting the SeatGeek refund on the return tickets.
  • Send the letter to the address of the corporate office:
    At last, one must send the letter to the SeatGeek corporate office address at:
    400, Lafayette Ave
    New York, NY 11385

What is the SeatGeek Refund Policy:

The SeatGeek return policy states: All the price value of tickets are usually set by the sellers themselves, so some may sell the ticket even at the time they don’t have tickets in possession when it is put on sale and so on. So it is the responsibility of the sellers to get the tickets to the buyers in advance.

In failure to provide the tickets in advance to the event that is to be held then it will be subjected to Buyer Guarantee.

Who can get a refund on SeatGeek:

  • For a refund buyers must have paid all the applicable fees.
  • All the sales on tickets are final, which implies that no refund will be initiated unless the ticket bought of the event which gets cancelled on any of the completed purchases.
  • No refund on purchases when changed or cancellation of order has been made after the completion of the sale.
  • If buyers are not able to collect the bought tickets when sent, then the refund or right to the Buyer Guarantee will get lost.

Where can buyers receive the refund on SeatGeek:

The SeatGeek company uses the Braintree or the Adyen in order to process all the payments.

The refund will be initiated in the same manner as you used at the time of purchasing the tickets. If the account is closed then make sure to notify about this to SeatGeek, so that they will look for an alternative method in order to process the payment.

How to check Refund SeatGeek request status:

If there is any doubt on the case you submitted for the refund and wish to know the status if everything is correct, then you can go for checking the status of the request on SeatGeek refund number by making a contact to the SeatGeek customer support.

In order to check the status on can follow any of these methods:

  • Through email
  • Contacting the agent of Live Chat via the Customer Support page.
  • Sending a Mail.
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