Skype Subscription Refund

Skype is mostly commonly recognized as a video calling service yet there are also different features which you can use like texting, video calls, sending images and many more. It’s been roughly since 2003 and empowers an outlet for millions of calls everyday.

What is the refund policy of Skype?

There are specific restrictions if you want the cashback from the Skype app. Here are the cases that you can make a request for it:

  • You purchased a subscription but didn’t find the opportunity to utilize it.
  • You purchase the subscription by fault, and 90 days have passed since you bought it.
  • You haven’t utilized the Skype Credit and you want to refund the money in 14 days. Make sure this is applicable only for EU users.
  • There is evidence that the account is being hacked or generally utilized by an unapproved third party when you made the payment.

You confronted some issues during the calls or messaging that the organization assumed that it was their shortcoming. If the device you are using has an issue, Skype takes the burden to refund you.

If you purchased through a third party like iTunes, Skype will not provide any refunds. Contact the agent so that you can make a request. Refunds will be processed in the payment mode you used. If the card in case expires you won’t receive the refund because the mode of payment you used is not available anymore.

Different Scenarios where the refund is not possible From Skype

Purchasing from third party there are also couple of different things you cannot request the refund for:

  • Vouchers
  • Prepaid cards
  • Your Skype Number
  • Your Membership in the Skype Developer Program

How can I cancel the subscription and get a refund from Skype?

When you feel Skype service is not upto your mark or purchased the subscriptions but not used, you can surely request for the refund to get the money returned. Searching for the right technique to make your work easier then here is the detailed information. Just make sure you have not used the subscription or is has not expired.

There is only one method through which you can make the refund request i.e. through the website. The steps to be followed for the refund:

  1. Firstly, go to Skype account through the website and fill in the login credentials and tap the login tab.
  2. Next, proceed to the account profile tab and visit the purchase history.
  3. Now, find and choose the service you wish to get the refund.
  4. Tap the Refund tab.
  5. Choose the Confirm Refund tab.

As per the policies of Skype if you do not find the Refund option this means you cannot ask or request for refund. When you sign in to the account type the correct login details so that you directed to the right page. If the issue is not solved try contacting the customer team through online chat in the Support Page of Skype.

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