Sprint Refund Policy

Sprint belonged to the broadest providers of mobile network in the United States before it was obtained by the T-Mobile company in the month of April, 2020.

Although the firm had merged with the T-Mobile, the original Sprint Refund policy is still applicable and provides customer support services of its own.

Through this blog we would describe on the Sprint bill refund including questions like ‘Can sprint refund a payment?’ and the methods through which one can request to get a refund.

What does Sprint refund cover on purchased devices:

The Sprint deposit refund policy encloses on products and accessories that were bought from the following:

  • From a Retail Store of Sprint (now known as T-Mobile retailing Store)
  • From the website of Sprint
  • From Sprint Telesales group

Take note that no prorated refund will be offered if cancellation on Sprint service is made in the mid of the cycle of billing.

What is the Sprint Refund Policy:

  • As per the Sprint refund a payment it states that the customer must return the purchased device or the accessory within the 14 days of receiving the product to its original place can be qualified for the refund
  • The product (device or accessory) must be of perfect quality including it needs to be in the original package.
  • Before making a return of the commodity make sure to make a contact with the Sprint customer service and talk with them to cancel or deactivate the service and at the same time notify them that you are returning the item and request for a refund.

List on which of the items of Sprint are authorised for refundable and non-refundable:

Here is the outline depicting on which of the Sprint products and services will be refundable and which not:

  • Refundable (device and accessories):
    1. Full amount on retailing price on a new device and accessory
    2. On agreement of monthly installment
    3. On flex lease
  • Non-Refundable:
    1. The amount as service charges
    2. Fee on the paper bill
    3. Fee on restocking
    4. Fees on detail bill
    5. Charges on spending limit program
    6. Items obtained as part of Buyback, Trade-in, or as Give-back transaction
    7. Fees on a damaged device

Mode of refund: Customers will get refunded in the original mode of payment. In case you made your payment in cash at the time of buying the device in T-Mobile or Sprint stores then you will get back the refund in cash on buying up to $175.
If the price of the refund is high then a cheque will be given to you.

How to make a Sprint refund request:

There are several methods through which one can request for a refund. You can choose any of the below stated methods to ask for a refund on Sprint.

  • Via In-Person
  • Through a Mail
  • By Online Chat
  • Over the Phone

Let us discussed these methods in detail:

i. How to make a request on Sprint Refund via In-Person:

  • In order to make a Sprint autopay refund request directly In-person that you bought from any of Sprint Stores, then you can make a return to one of the nearest Sprint Stores (now as T-Mobile store).
  • You need to bring the receipt received by you with the package, the original packaging, and the products that came along with the devices.

ii. How to make a request Sprint Refund through Mail:

For making a return of device through the mail, Sprint delivers a pre-paid label, in case of return shipping the device via mail.

And for these you must write down the merchandise authorization return number which is mentioned on shipping label under the ‘RMA’ heading.

The number will help you to track your delivery. But you must make sure to contact Sprint customer service representative in order to make a claim for the label of return shipping.

iii. How to request a refund on Sprint via Online Chat:

To make a request on Sprint activation fee refund via Online, you can go for the Online Chat option. Go to the website of Sprint and look for the Chat option which is at the right bottom corner in the dashboard.

Tap on the icon of ‘Chat’ which will connect to to Sprint refund department and make a request to them on getting the refund.

You must also note that the above option is approved to those customers who had purchased the device of Sprint by the Telesales. They will sent the return kit to you in which you can deliver the Sprint device or accessory back to them.

iv. How to ask Sprint Refund through Phone:

In order to request the refund on Sprint over Phone, just follow the steps below:

  1. Dial the Sprint refund number:

    In the first step, call the Sprint refund department phone number at 888-211-4727.

  2. Talk to the Customer Service agent:

    Next, get in touch directly to the customer support agents and talk about the refund.

  3. Notify them with a request about the refund:

    Then, notify them a request to get a refund on returning product.

  4. Include the relevant details:

    You must include all the relevant details and information to the agent.

  5. Ask about the confirmation mail:

    Lastly, ask for the confirmation mail as a reference in future.

How to cancel a refund on Sprint from the Third-party retailers:

It is suggested by Sprint that one need to contact the customer support service of third party sellers from where you bought the items and ask for the refund policy to find if you are eligible to get the refund and on how to make request for the refund as per the refund policy.

How to check for the Sprint Refund status:

In order to go for Sprint refund check status one can either make a call to the Sprint Customer care service or can visit the bank to look if the refund is issued and the time to expect for it.

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