Steam Refund Policy

Steam Refund Policy

Steam is a Valve Corporation-developed multi-player platform. Installation and automatic device management through multiple devices, community features such as friend lists and forums, and in-game voice and chat functionality are offered to the user by Steam. It is used for online distribution of games and related media. Initially built for Microsoft Windows, Steam has now been extended to include the Mac OSX and Linux models, and restricted features for both iOS and Android mobile devices on PlayStation 3. In addition to being a central hub for gaming applications, they have developed a Steam edition with altered features to be used for educational software in schools.

How to request a Steam refund

For any title that is requested within 14 days of purchase and has been played for less than 2 hours, the valve will offer a refund, upon request through help. Even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve listed, you can submit an application and we will take a look at it.

 Step by Step Instruction

  1. Navigate to Steam Help and log in to your Steam account (
  2. Click on A Purchase after you have signed in.
  3. Find the purchase you want to pay for and click on it. It falls too far outside of our refund window if your order is not identified and is ineligible for a refund.
  4. Choose the issue that you have with the product.
  5. Next, I would like to request a refund by clicking
  6. Fill out the Request Form and send it.
  7. To choose the Steam Wallet or the original payment form, please press the drop-down menu icon.

A confirmation email that your request has been successfully submitted should be sent.

Payment options approved in the U.S. on Steam help refunds:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB PayPal

How long does the refund take?

But how long would it take until Steam supports your request? Steam says it will take up to seven business days for the majority of transactions made in the United States. You’ll actually see it much sooner than that, but the number they put on it is seven days. However, it could take a little longer than that if it was an international purchase.

For games older than 14 days, can you request refunds?

Valve says that for games that are beyond the 14-day window, you can even get refunds. They manually look through these requests, and are accepted on a case-by-case basis. That said, your refund request will not be accepted if you have a game that is well outside the 14-day window.

Will too many games be refunded?

The reply is yes! There are no particular figures available, however, to let the group know how much is too much. If you put in too many refund requests, Steam will let you know that as of late, you’ve put in quite a few requests. They will also let you know how Steam Refunds cannot easily be used to demo games, and that they’ll freeze refunds for your account if they suspect you’re abusing the system.

Valve is allowed to refuse refunds. Of course, with that rejection, customers may be pretty upset, and that’s why Valve helps you to appeal the decision. You can submit a refund again, and another Valve employee will manually check it. There’s no assurance, though, that the rejection will be reversed back then.

How to Get a Steam Refund With DoNotPay?

In your web browser, begin by opening DoNotPay and follow these simple steps:

  • Once you log in, select Instantly Chargeback
  • Choose a payment option you used on Steam to purchase an item
  • Choose your bank’s name and address
  • When asked about the merchant, enter Steam and indicate the date of purchase and the amount paid.
  • To finish the procedure, follow the rest of the instructions and check your personal information.

By calling the seller, DoNotPay will automatically send the request for a refund to your bank and generate proof on your behalf. Our virtual legal team will also provide you with a letter stating specific laws and codes for Visa and MasterCard that will reinforce your claim if necessary.

Strict steam refund policy

The refund policy of Steam has been a lifesaver and normally allows you to get a refund for everything you’ve had for less than two weeks and played for less than two hours. Those are the strict specifications, but even then, Steam still has to approve the process.