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Can I get a refund from Thorpe Park? Yes, if you are eligible for a refund as per Thorpe Park Refund Policy. Nowadays, refund requests for tickets are quite common. There is one or the other issue that leads to the cancellation of tickets by customers or the company itself cancels it.

If you are having a problem with ticket refunds, the page here is just blogged for you. The following subjects are also being discussed:

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Thorpe Park is generally known as Thorpe Park Resort, a theme park situated in the townlet of Thorpe, England. Here one can find rides, live events, themed cabins, and the fastest rollercoaster in UK i.e. Stealth. Thorpe Park is for older children and adult groups who want to enjoy thrill rides.

You bought tickets but a situation arises when you have to make a decision to cancel your booked tickets and next ask for a refund. Before moving to appeal for a refund understand what refund policy is stated by Thorpe Park.

Refund Policy of Thorpe Park

The park does not offer a refund policy although your reason to cancel the ticket is genuine. The tickets are not refundable and not transferable as mentioned on the support page of Thorpe Park. You will be provided with a reference page that might help you with your queries. Keep the Order ID safe or take a screenshot of it so you can furnish it while appealing for a refund. A live chat option to interact with customer reps is also available for customers, where one can state their issues, a plea to modify the booking date, etc. 

During the pandemic, customers had the option to modify the date and time if they had symptoms of coronavirus or were diagnosed with the virus.

As per the terms and policies, Merlin Attractions Operations Limited holds accountable for the payments made through the official website, exceeding the obligation to cancellations, refunds, dispute resolution, and chargeback. Visitors who did not abide by the rules and have valid refund eligibility were also refused admission to the park.

The cost to purchase tickets for the trip is quite pricey in Thorpe Park. The tickets charge £37 per person and children under 3 are exempted from the fee. If you decide to head to the park and purchase the ticket on that day you might be at a loss as the cost is higher because the park might be fully occupied. So, make sure to purchase tickets in advance to mark entry at Thorpe Park. Lodging in the hotel charges £53 including 2 days of entry in the park. Also, you can acquire services like Free WiFi, Parking for free, and Breakfast.

Some circumstances happen suddenly without having any control and the least you can do is cancel the ticket. In such cases, how to get a refund is your main priority.

How can I get a refund from Thorpe Park Online?

The company might cancel your ticket because of bad weather. As of now, you are familiar with the refund policy being the ticket is non-refundable, still you can ask for a refund. Request a refund for buying tickets online and opting for cancellation of tickets for personal reasons.

The following is the method for cancelling the booking at Thorpe Park:-

  • Dues and refunds follow the terms and conditions of Thorpe Park Refund Policy
  • Request cancellation a week ahead of the scheduled date and avoid the fee on cancellation.
  • If you are lucky enough a cancellation number with an alternative date will be recommended considering and accepting the cancellation.
  • No changes in rates of already booked tickets.
  • Pay a fee on modification of the date to a later date because of a change in price.
  • Booking can also be transferred in case management is being informed and also pay the administration fee.
  • Charges on hotels cost 50% of total charges for cancellations between 1 – 7 days prior to the scheduled date.
  • On the day of arrival if you choose to cancel the ticket full payment will be charged 
  • Pay a fee of £25 as an administration fee for refunds on credit and debit cards. The refunds on hotels will be available via cheque.

If you are unable to visit on the scheduled date, cancellation of the hotel should be done via Holiday Extras. Here are the charges included in the cancellation of a hotel:-

  • Cancellation on the booking date between 8 pm and 5:30 pm comes with free cancellation.
  • Cancellation is done between 1 to 7 days, 100% fee is charged.
  • If cancellation is done between 8 to 10 days, a 75% fee is charged.
  • A 50% fee is  charged between 11 to 21 days 
  • Charged a 25% fee if cancelled over 21 days.

What is the Thorpe Park Refund Contact Number

When you cannot attend the park on the booking date cancellation is the best option. But to claim the money paid for a ticket is non-refundable as per policy, this seems to be quite frustrating. To get a refund on Thorpe Park at fast track, other options are available to get in touch with the company representative.

Without cancelling the ticket you can ask them to change the date to a later date. Provide them with unforeseen reasons that cannot be avoided. 

  1. Fill up a form on the web at
  2. Go to the website and click on Live Chat Service. 
  3. Write an email discussing the issue you are confronting and send it to


Thorpe Park tickets are costlier and if you fail to attend on the scheduled day you might be at a loss. You bought tickets but were unable to present on a particular day, a request for a refund is tricky as no refund policy is followed. The charges for cancellation are high so if your kid has purchased tickets without your consent, you might find it difficult to get through the refund.

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