T.J.Maxx Refund Policy

The policies on return for retailers changes frequently, so tracking them remains hard. It goes the same for T.J.Maxx’s policy for return. So through this page, we would guide you for T.J.Maxx refund details and thereby we advise you to go through this page till the end.

T.J.Maxx return policy

T.J.Maxx policies differ depending on where the consumers buy its products. Below stated is a list of T.J.Maxx policies for the purchases made in-store and online:

Purchased items online:

  • Consumers get 40 days to return the product from the date of order to be eligible for the refund. In case the return carries more than the required time, then you will receive as store credit.
  • Items on final sale or having the same restrictions will not be eligible for the return. So ensure to review the product before you return it.
  • Exchange items are not attainable for purchase mode.

Purchased items in-store:

  • It enables product return that occurs to be new from in 30 days purchase.
  • Receipts may speed the process of returns still T.J.Maxx might ask for the signature.
  • In case you do not possess a receipt, then as per T.J Maxx’s refund policy without receipt, they may ask you for the signature and valid identity proof.

T.J.Maxx return policy Covid update

Presently, T.J.Maxx has put on an update regarding its return policy. It implies that in case one of its stores shuts down due to Covid-19, then the buyers can return back the product to some of the other stores within 30 days.

Another hand, you can return back the product to its original store if the store reopens within the 30 days period of time.

The result for these may be expected to be delayed to process the return and a slow reply by the support service.

T.J.Maxx returns Method

There are two methods that can be followed for returning the products to T.J.Maxx:

  1. Taking back to Store
  2. Mailing item to T.J.Maxx warehouse

1. Method of Store Return

Any product brought online or in the store could be returned back to the T.J.Maxx store nearby (if there is any). For this, the best is to wield Store Locator and then enter the ZIP Code in order to locate the nearby store. Once you reach the store, you can ask its store clerk to guide you on the process of the product return.

2. Method of Return via Mail

The steps to follow in order to return a product through the mail are:

  • You must employ the label on shipping which is incorporated in the receipt to attain the $9.99 deduction on the shipping fee.
  • You are required to drop off the item packet at the shipping carrier which is stated on your return label.
  • Ensure to add a print shipping email or the receipt in the package as proof of buying.

Processing Time of T.J.Maxx Return

The T.J.Maxx processing time seems to be the fastest in its respective shops. On returning a product to the T.J.Maxx shop, the refund will be initiated to the original method of payment or to the store credit shortly once it gets approved.

Mail returns may take 10-14 working days to be processed and then reach the bank account. The store credit will be issued only after the return of the item has been received by T.J.Maxx.


Hence, by now we can sum up on T.J.Maxx tax refund as the returns which have receipts give the right for a refund or an exchange.

The refunds may take up to 10days to get displayed on the account. In case you are without a receipt, then the only thing you get is the store credit, as it is subjected to specific transfer limitations.

The restrictions may also apply that T.J.Maxx may reject the request made by you for any reason. If the return seems to be fraudulent to verification policies of T.J.Maxx refund and the request may get rejected.

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