Turkish Refund Policy

Turkish Airlines Refund

Every day one or another fly to different destinations. If you see there will be many flight bookings on-site and also the passengers canceling their tickets due to some reasons.

While booking a ticket sometimes we don’t even check the date and that’s where the problem starts.

In this blog, we will talk about Turkish Airline’s refund policy, lost baggage refund, cancel flight refund, etc.

Turkish Airlines is the topmost airline in the world. This airline provides services to over 300 destinations or 126 nations around the globe. It is remarkable as the mainline carrier which has a huge number of destinations.

Since 2008, the Turkish national carrier has been working with the  Star Alliance network. During the session of Audit by Skytrax World Airline, the airline was considered as the topmost Airline in Europe. It was gradually from 2011 to 2016 i.e. six years continuously the position was maintained by the Airline.

Though Turkish Airlines is the best carrier, it does not mean you cannot ask for a refund or cancel the booking and in a few cases, you can also miss the flight. So it’s your right to claim for a refund from the airline.

What is the Refund Policy of Turkish Airlines?

The refund for a cancelled flight or missed flight always depends on the destination and fare type.

The six International types of fare, cancellation or refunds and Date or Route Change are listed below:-

  1. f the Fare Type is Economy Promotion then cancellation or refunds are not permitted but taxes are refundable depending on destination and class.
  2. In Economy Restricted Fare type –
    • Before the flight – permitted, specified deductions are applicable and also a penalty fee included.
    • After the flight – refunds are equal to the amount after deducting the flight cost from the actual cost.
  3. In Economy Flexible, similar to Economy Restricted and free of charge.
  4. In Business Promotions, taxes are refundable but cancellation is not permitted along with a penalty fee.
  5. In Business Restricted, similar to Economy Restricted and also fee as the charge is included.
  6. In Business Flexible, similar to Economy Restricted and also a penalty fee is charged.

You need to go through the My Flights page in the account, for detailed cancelling and change policy applied to the ticket. If you choose to cancel your booked ticket and you are eligible for the refund then you will not receive the service fee refund for the fare types mentioned above.

Refunds from Turkish Airlines Refunds for the Citizens of the U.S.

As you might be aware of the American airline cancellation policy that it provides within 24 hours you need to cancel the flight to seek a full refund. But Turkish Airlines holds your reservation for 24 hours without making a payment with an ensured charge to or from the U.S. The is rule is applicable to the reservations made 7 days before the flight takeoff.

If Turkish Airlines itself cancels your ticket you can claim your refund along with the service fee or change of flight without any extra charges.

Emd Turkish Airlines refund

If you have an outstanding balance as an outcome of the exchange, then surely EMD can be granted both for TK and agency tickets. These EMDs are useful only for refund applications and need to use within 2 years beginning from the date of issue of the original ticket.

Turkish Airlines lost baggage refund

If by chance your baggage lost or reach late to you, then claim for the refund through baggage irregularity report and go through the page and submit the evidence of the expenses incurred at that time. You need to report within 21 days after receiving the baggage.

Are Turkish Airline tickets refundable?

If you also have a similar question while requesting for a refund then we will guide you so that you can easily follow the required points. There are different methods to claim your refund from Turkish Airlines.

We will discuss one by one to make it clear for you.

  • Refund request over the Phone.
  • Make a request for a refund from the website.
  • Ask for a refund in Person.

How to refund Turkish Airlines ticket over the Phone?

The first method to contact the customer service team of Turkish Airlines is through the Phone.

  • Reach at 1-800-874 8875.
  • Get in touch during the working hours within 24 hours.
  • As soon as the reps receive your call then clarify the reason for contacting the customer service.

There are few things that will be required to initiate the statis if your refund:

  • The name and address.
  • Credit card number (VISA).
  • Ticket number.
  • Travel dates.
  • Origin and destination

Reaching the customer service team is not an easy task you need to wait longer to get connected with any of the reps.

Calling customer care representatives usually involves

How can I request for a refund from Turkish through the Website?

You do not require any extra knowledge to seek for a refund from the website.
Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the Turkish Airlines

    From your web browser go to the Turkish Airlines website.

  2. Plan and Book

    Next, tap on Plan & Book at the above of the page.

  3. Manage your Booking

    Now, proceed to choose ‘Manage your booking’ from the required list.

  4. Reservation Code

    Type the reservation code or the ticket number and also the surname.

  5. Red Button

    Now tap the red tab available next to the field ‘filled-out’.

  6. Cancel Booking

    Select the option, “Cancel booking”.

  7. Review the selection

    Next step review your selection and note down the applicable refund policies. Also check the form that what you entered is correct.

  8. Cancellation Request

    Tap on the Confirm button to complete the cancellation request.

  9. Receive a confirmation email

    Once you complete the above steps you will get an email on your inbox to confirm the cancellation request.

How can I request for a refund from Turkish Airlines in Person?

If you want to cancel the flight and ask for a refund then it will be conceivable at the sales offices affiliated with Turkish Airlines. 

Visit the counter of the Turkish Airlines counter so that you can interact with the rep face to face and also clear your doubts if any. You can ask them to cancel the flight. They will assist you and also checks if the request for cancellation is eligible for the refund and if you qualify for it how to get the money back to the account.

When there is change in the travel plans it might be very stressful because you need to wait in long queues to reach the agent and seek help. 

How much time does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

According to the Customer Service Plan of Turkish Airlines, states that these passengers qualify for a refund they will surely get the refund back. Also, the requesting time for a refund should be within the deadline.

The refund time depends on the payment mode chosen by you:

  • Credit cards: The refund process will be commencing with the issuer of the card seven days after making a refund request, but to show up the refund on the statement might take some time.
  • Cash or check: You will get the refunds in 20 days, but you need to contact the service center to request for a refund.
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