Vivid Seats Refund Policy

How to get a refund from Vivid Seats?

In this blog, we will talk about refunds from Vivid Seats, refund policy, Vivid Seat playoff refund etc.

What are Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an online ticket platform in Chicago, Illinois. It works independently and is considered as a U.S third-largest ticket reseller that provides tickets for various events like concerts, theatre, and sports.

If you search on web browsers you will find names like Ticketmaster and Stubhub, these are the toughest competitors of Vivid. You can easily get refunds from those platforms but Vivid does not provide or grants refund easily. When you cancel the tickets or you have a valid reason not to attend the event, refunds are not allotted to the users.

If you want to get your money back you need to go through this blog.

What is the Refund Policy of Vivid Seats?

Are Vivid Seats refundable? This question is quite common when you want to seek a refund from vivid seats.

There are certain conditions applied for a refund from Vivid Seats. If the concert or event canceled by an event organizer or the artist performing, then you can ask for compensation for your ticket. You will be offered two options either get the refund as cash or the loyalty credit that is 10% more than your order’s total value.

If you opt for the second one you can utilize it to buy tickets in future.

If you wish to get your money back after you receive notice of the cancellation submit the refund request within seven days.

Vivid Seats Offer Refunds for the Postponed Event

If you purchase tickets from Vivid Seats and due to some reason the event is postponed then do not wait for the refunds because postponed events will be held on someday.

But if the event is cancelled then you are eligible for a refund. 

The postponed events tickets will remain valid.

If you want your cashback you need to hold for the concert to cancel.

How to find out whether the concert is canceled or postponed?

You have read above about the policy in what conditions refunds are applicable. The question arises how to know whether the event is postponed or canceled. 

The organizers or the artist performing for the events does not have much contact with Vivid Seats. Here the company will deliver an email if the concert or event is canceled.

If no notice received that means the event is postponed to a later date. You need to be aware of the updates of your events, visit the website of the venue from time to time. If the concert is canceled and you won’t receive the refund, take the help of the support team of Vivid Seats for assistance.

How can I request a refund for the tickets from Vivid Seats?

You want to request for ticket refund from Vivid Seats then there are two methods available.

  • Request for a refund through Email.
  • Ask for a refund by contacting customer care.

a) Can I request for a refund for Vivid Tickets using Email?

When you waited too long for refund but not yet received then compose a email and send it to the support team.

Here are the steps to be followed:-

  1. Firstly, write an email requesting for a refund.
  2. Next, gather information along with a digital copy of your ticket.
  3. After that check, if you miss any important information regarding your tickets.
  4. Now send it to

b) How to request a refund for a Vivid Tickets Refund through a Phone Call?

If the above method did not work then try to contact the customer team over the phone.

The following steps need to be followed:-

  1. First and foremost, call -833-228-5143.
  2. Ask to talk with the reps of Vivid Seats.
  3. The next thing you need to do is clearly state the reasons for requesting for a refund.
  4. If the event is canceled then you will be given a refund.

Reach customer support between 8 a.m – 8 p.m. They are available 24 hours a week.

Once you request a refund that does not mean you will get the refund instantly. You might come across a few of the situations.

Refunds from Vivid Seats are not easily available to its customers. In some situations, they have been charged in a class-action lawsuit for rejecting to deliver reimbursement after the cancellation of events. There were issues of frauds lying of events postponed though it was canceled.

If the event canceled and you have not received a refund then you can raise a complaint against them.

Are Vivid Seats tickets refundable and credited the same way?

Yes, the refund will be credited to the same mode you used while purchasing the tickets. In most cases, Vivid Seats offers vouchers as refund which is more than the total value of the tickets. When an event is postponed you will get a voucher for future purchases.

The tickets playoff refund from Vivid Seats is covered by the Guaranteed Buyers so you do not need to worry about it. When there is any event canceled you will get compensation.

How much time does it take to receive a refund from Vivid Seats?

You will not find a definite timetable to refund or different kinds of remuneration. Refunds rely on the organizers, the location of your event, and the number of requests they receive a single moment. You need to wait too long for the request for the refund to be processed.

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