Worldventures Refund Policy

Worldventures Cancellation And Refund

WorldVentures is the travel company of the U.S. established in the year 2005. A multi-level marketing company in which the organization specializes in trading lifestyle memberships and discounts in travel exclusively to its users.

DreamTrips is the unified term used for the travel package of WorldVentures that can be availed to the travel members at a discount. 

The travel is not so dreamy as its name DreamTrips for many users. In fact, the company employees also claim that they do not earn much money as they lose their cash.

So, users after becoming a member of WorldVentures regret to have such decisions. In this case, we will guide with the information about how to cancel the WorldVentures and refund South Africa, and also refund 2018 and 2019.

Before cancelling the WorldVenture you need to learn about its refund policy.

What is the refund policy of WorldVenture?

As per the policy of the organisation you can cancel the membership without any penalty or obligation in three working days from the period you applied to be a member. Once you applied for the membership application then you can apply for a refund in 14 days.

There are different laws and time apply if you are living in any of these regions:


Users of Alaska can cancel Worldventure membership without paying any charges in five working days as we have selected you as the member and thus eligible for a refund. 


The users of Kentucky can cancel the membership without paying any charges in 30 days as you are a member and eligible for a refund. If you cancel the membership after the deadline then you will get a pro-rata refund without reduction for the benefits you received. 


The users will need to return the items to the club when they decide to cancel the membership and after that have the full right to abolish the transactions for the time within 3 days. Make sure you provide the goods and also a statement in writing to cancel the transaction to the travel club through mail or in person.

New Hampshire

Those who are in the habitat of New Hampshire and wish to discontinue the membership more than 3 working days after its enactment, then will be able to get a prorated refund of the initial or monthly fees of the membership without reduction for the benefits received.


Occupants of Virginia can discontinue the membership until late the seventh schedule day after the membership enactment. Assuming the seventh schedule day is on Sunday or any lawful holiday, the option to cancel or rescind will lapse following that day. It will take 45 days in the wake of getting the notice for cancellation, WorldVentures will refund you for any instalments you made to them. 


The occupant of Wisconsin can cancel the membership in three months from the time you subscribed, or 3 days of your initial buy through the Program whichever is earlier. In any case, you will be qualified for a prorated refund of your underlying and month to month fees for membership, and minus the benefits allowance.

If you cancel in fifteen days after the application for cancellation is accepted then you are likely to get a full refund of the initial and monthly fees of your membership.

Can I make a request to cancel and ask for a refund from WorldVentures?

There are methods to make a request to cancel and ask for a refund from WorldVentures.

  • Via email.
  • Over a phone.

How to cancel the Membership and ask for a Refund through Email?

Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Firstly, type the new email id to
  • Enter the name, your ID number and type the word “CANCELLATION” in the subject for your email.
  • Next, write briefly to WorldVentures that you want to discontinue the membership along with the reason for cancellation.
  • Now, furnish your name in full, the ID number of the member, and the type of membership you want to cancel.
  • Send the email to the required address.

An automated message will be delivered from  WorldVentures, informing you that the cancellation request is being received. Wait for two to three working days to confirm the cancellation of the membership.

How do I cancel Membership of WorldVentures and Request a Refund over a Phone?

If you wish to discontinue the membership of WorldVentures and want a full refund to try reaching customer care at 972-805-5100. 

Make sure you have the ID number so that you can provide it during the time of verification.

I Hope, these two methods will help you in cancelling as well as receiving a refund. But, in case your issue is not solved you can opt for the DoNotPay app. The app will handle the problem on your behalf of you.

Here are the following steps you need to be followed:

  • Firstly, from the browser tap the DoNotPay app and click to open.
  • Next, tap on  Get Protected under the tab Chargeback Instantly.
  • Furnish the details of your transaction.
  • Then verify the signature.
  • Lastly, submit the request.

The app will compile the essential evidence and after that proceed to:

  • Connect with the bank and send a letter of dispute and then deliver the chargeback request.
  • Include the Mastercard or Visa codes and rules as per the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Hence, this article will help to cancel the membership of Wonderventures and after that receive the refund in full. Check the deadline so that you can claim your refund as soon as possible.

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