WoW refund

What does WoW refund mean?

WOW also known as World of Warcraft is an online game delivered by Blizzard Entertainment based on an MMO role-playing game. Ruled by the genre of MMO  for 15 years thus obtained almost 12 million subscribers at its zenith.

There are various purposes to receive a refund for the subscription of WoW. When you get an offer for a free trial by signing up you enter the game unaware of the auto-renewal mode that leads to a paid version. Some may not play the game yet, getting charged each month. To get a refund from Blizzard is tough, but with the correct assistance yet it’s feasible.

What is the Refund Policy of Blizzard World of Warcraft?

The World of Warcraft terms and conditions express that the purchases cannot refund. If any refund conceded will be at Blizzard’s sole caution. Exceptions are extraordinary, but Blizzard does occasionally grant compensation to subscribers.

Blizzard will allow for the refund request under specific conditions:

  • If you have not played the game for months but you are paying the subscription fee.
  • Do not know when the subscription auto-renewed after the free trial.
  • After canceling the subscription still, you are receiving the bill.

If you go through any of the above situations then you can ask for a refund from the Blizzard support team.

How to request a WOW refund?

You can request a WOW refund by the following methods:

  1. Via Website.
  2. Using Phone.

Can I get a refund on World of Warcraft through the Website?

You wish to get a refund from the website of Blizzard then here are the point to go through:

  • Visit the Contact Support page on the WoW.
  • Next, select the Payments section.
  • Now click the Refunds tab.
  • Give the required information and submit the request for the refund.
  • If you like to explain the issue briefly then tap the “I would rather describe the issue” tab available below the categories. An email will be delivered from Blizzard that the request has been processed.

Thus, in this way you can ask for a refund for World of Warcraft Shadowlands because of the delay in the release of the game and those players who pre-purchased can request it.

Does, WoW subscription refund over a Phone?

Feels like the above method is not so helpful you can reach the support team over the phone.

  • Call at the number – (877) 566-3886.
  • Inquiring to chat to an agent.
  • Providing the necessary details.
  • Briefly describe the reason behind the cancellation.

If Blizzard hasn’t responded to you nor provided the refund then you can take the help of social media. Once you take this action to get the rights that you deserve, the public will be furious at the company.

Visit the sites at r/blizzard or r/wow on Reddit and create a cor or tweet @BlizzardCS on Twitter. Public rage usually stimulates the corporation to emerge with an outcome.

Refunds are credited to the same account

The refund from Blizzard will be credited to the original mode of payment that you used during your purchase.

What time the World of Warcraft Subscription Refund?

There is no definite date and time to receive the refunds from WOW. Usually, it takes one week but because of more refunds, the processing time is greater than usual say 30 days.

After reporting the issue, some refunds cannot be processed such as purchase the game but did not use though a refund is not possible.