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Zulily is an online platform where one can shop the stocks like clothing, toys, accessories, home decor, and much more. They offer sales daily giving value to top brands and styles, especially for customers.

Although there are different products to acquire from it still Zulily lacks at some point which leads to customer dissatisfaction and they decide to cancel the item. The returns seem to be the toughest job if you receive damaged or unwanted items.

Facing any of return-related problems, have queries in mind “Does Zulily offer refunds”? This page will guide you to overcome your issues when you wish to return products to Zulily and want a refund in return.

What is the Return Policy for Zulily

Customers deciding to return their items to Zulily requesting a refund need to learn the return policies stated by the company.

Zulily offers a 30-day return period for customers who are willing to return the products. The extra charges and shipping costs need to be borne by you as per the return policy. The return fee is calculated when the order is placed.

The different number of items to be returned have different return fees incurred:-

  • One item charges $4.95
  • More than Two upto Five items charges included $8.95
  • Six to Ten items returns need to pay $17.90 as a return fee

Here is the list of reasons why do not possess the return tag even though requested for return.

  • Worn or used items
  • Altered products
  • If you have washed the product at least once
  • No tags attached or packed in a different box
  • If you keep some items that were along with the product and need to be returned with it. Your return request will not be approved
  • Warranty cards should be included in the return box

Some items are not under refunds which means you cannot return them. You need to check before making or placing the order for a particular item so that if you do not wish to keep the item you can make a return request. Let’s know about the final sale items:

  • Food products 
  • Swimwear 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Personal Hygiene products 
  • Furniture 
  • Certain electronic products 
  • Lingerie 
  • Customized items 
  • Infant care products

These were the products that did not fall under the refund category as per the Zulily return policy.

What is Zulily Refund Policy 

“Will Zulily refund me if they sent the wrong thing”? Such a question is common to strike your mind on receiving the wrong item. To have a clear-cut view, be aware of the refund policy in order to save your hard-earned penny.

Zulily provides refunds on returns using the original mode of payment but still, customers receive store credit as a refund. You will get the refund to the Zulily account. Go to the Invites and Credits section and access the received refunds.

While making payments Zulily will directly process the remaining balance available in the store credit but this is not possible through PayPal mode.

Purchases made through Credit Cards are eligible for refunds and the amount will be transferred to the account of the credit card.

The refund is approved once the product reaches the warehouse and within a certain period, the amount will appear in your bank statement depending on the mode you selected for payment.

How can you get a refund from Zulily? 

In order to receive a refund first you are required to make a return request. The steps involved to return the item to Zulily and request for a refund:

  1. You might have already created a Zulily account while placing the order. Now enter the credentials to Login into the account.
  2. Next, move to the Orders section where there is a list of placed orders.
  3. Search for the item to be returned. Check whether the item is eligible for return. If the answer is Yes then click on the item.
  4. Tap the Shipping label to take a printout. In case you do not find the return label you can get it by clicking the email or in the Orders section.
  5. Pack the item carefully abiding rules of the return policy i.e. the return label should be clearly visible and pasted on the top of the box.
  6. Carry the box to the UPS close to your location.

How to return Zulily items for refunds 

If you have canceled the order before shipping then a refund will be returned to your account using the same method you choose while making payment. As orders are made online, cash refunds might not be possible.

You can return the damaged items for refunds:-

Zulily PayPal refund Pending Status

Customers using PayPal as a mode of payment can request refunds along with the return fees. If the return is accepted, PayPal takes the shipping fees. For any further queries like Zulily PayPal on hold, Zulily PayPal Refund pending for days, etc contact

PayPal Return Shipping.

If the refund is pending in PayPal this implies the merchant has made the refund approval but PayPal status is still pending. When the vendor issues an Electronic check and the refund is on hold.

The refund amount is credited in 3 to 5 days but might appear as pending on the PayPal account.

How long does it take for Zulily to Refund

The refunds from Zulily might take long days to appear in your balance in some cases. It usually takes 14 working days to process after the items arrive at the warehouse.

Coming to an end hope going through the article will give you an idea to deal with your Zulily refunds.

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