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Specsavers is a multinational online retail chain for opticals. Here the glasses are at reasonable rates as compared to different brands. While ordering contact lenses or spectacles, you can save some hard cash. But when you request for a refund, you may not receive a response from the company because of poor customer support. Trying hard to contact the Specsavers customer team and to get refunds seems to be another impossible task to complete.

In order to acquire a refund from Specsavers, you need to understand the refund policy of Specsavers, whether Specsavers refunds on varifocals or not, what is Specsavers varifocals refund policy, Specsavers refund how long, Specsavers prescription glasses refund, etc. In this article, you will learn how to claim refunds at Specsavers.

What is the refund policy of Specsavers?

As per the refund policy, the company does not quibble on refunds, but still, there might be exceptions. 

There are a few pre-requisites you need to understand  about Specsavers returns:-

  • You need to follow the return period of 100 days from the purchase date and make a return request to the store.
  • Visit the store to return the item.
  • Items bought online need to return in 30 days.

Specsavers Varifocals Refund Policy UK:-

As mentioned in the policy, a refund is possible with free of cost for items that are damaged, or products that you no more wish to keep with you. The item should be returned in its original packaging.

Specsavers Refund Policy Australia:-

Specsavers’ items appear with guarantees which do not leave out under the law of Australian Consumer. A refund is allotted if the item is damaged. 

How can I receive Specsavers Varifocals Refund?

Specsavers provides methods to make return requests by yourself. The method to receive a refund relies on the manner contact lenses or spectacles are obtained.

  1. You can call customer service using the service number. Ask them to allow you a refund and provide the relevant information about the product.
  2. Visit the offline store where you purchased the item, and request them to process your refunds.
  3. You can also go to the website to seek refunds online.

Specsavers prescription glasses refund

Specsavers always wish for customers to receive hundreds of percent satisfaction on purchases. But if the product does not fulfill your satisfaction you have the right 100 days to return the item and claim a refund.

Purchases made in-store can be returned at the store at your nearest locale and make the return request.

Online purchases need to follow the policy mentioned in the Legal Policy category.

How long Specsavers takes to refund to process 

Specsavers’ refund period relies on the product how you purchased and what method is utilized to return them. Items bought from the store need to be returned to the store to be eligible for a refund. Products purchased through online can take more time than usual.

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