How To Get A Udemy Refund

Udemy is providing the student’s career to shine with flying colors. A platform where you can get knowledge along with developing your skills and making your career successful.

You have purchased a course with a higher amount and now regret it as the course is not worth it. Seeking a refund because now you want your money to be returned. Confused about how to proceed or what the policy on refund is or if it is possible for a refund. This blog is what you need to go through to get your queries answered.

Refund policy on Udemy

As per the terms and policies of Udemy, you can get your refund from the company in cash or credit forms. Once you receive the amount will reach directly to the account.

The mode to receive the payment will depend on the platform from where you purchased the course like mobile app TV, website, or any other aspects.

Suppose when the company agrees to refund with credits, then it will be directed automatically for your future purchases online. Here you will not receive credits if the purchases are made on TV apps or phones.

A few of the points to be noted and rules to be followed if you want to request a refund for a course whatever the reason might be:

  • Refund requests can be made starting from the purchase date to the 30th day.
  • In case the time period for refund request is surpassed then you will not be eligible for it. But if the course is discontinued for legal purposes then surely a refund will be credited.
  • The company as per the rules can refund you if the course is suspected to be fraudulent and exceeds the one month window. 

Also note that if you violate the rules then Udemy has the right to cancel your request, ban the account and also restrict you from using any services in the future. If the account is banned no refund will be allocated to the account.

A few of the examples of policy misuse are:

  • Made a request for a refund for the course you have consumed already.
  • Refund claiming for the same course that you earlier received the refund.

How to cancel an Udemy course and get a refund

Requesting a refund for a course on Udemy is quite hectic so two methods are approved to make your task easier.

  • Via website
  • Using the course player

Following steps that you need to follow:

  1. Firstly, tap on the support team or course player to open.
  2. Pick Request a refund option, and go through the instructions.

The things that you are required to provide:

  • The URL of the course
  • Email that you provided while registering
  • State clearly the reason to request a refund.

In order to check whether you are eligible for a Udemy refund or not it might take more than 10 days to process your request.

How much time does it take to refund your money

After the request is processed, you will get the funds returned to the account.

It might take 5 to 10 working days on an average basis to appear the amount in the account. If the bank takes much time to process then the period might extend to 30 days.

In case you have not received the refund after the request was made then contact the bank to check the refund status. Still, you have not received the refund or statement that appeared on the bank account, then try to contact Udemy Support Team.

If the time exceeds 30 days then reach the Support Team and ask for the status.

Refund payment mode of Udemy

As stated on the policy the mode selected to pay for the course will be the same for refunds too. If you are not qualified for cash refunds then credit will be allotted to you under the 30-day window.

Some of the purchases are only for a credit refund:

  • Cash and bank transfer purchases
  • Purchase on iOS
  • Purchase of Boleto Bancário purchases
  • Indomaret or Alfamart

What is the reason for the denial of the refund request on Udemy

When you do not qualify for the request made, the company has the right to cancel the request. In order to safeguard the mentors from exhortation and give the payment in 30 days after instructions. In this case, the request will be dishonored.

These are the reasons for rejections on refund:

  • If you do not follow the condition of requesting a refund within 30 day.
  • If you downloaded the full course.
  • Refund policy misuse.

Bottom Lines:

Hope, this blog will help you in getting your refunds. In case you purchase the course from a third party then Udemy does not have the right to help you to get your refunds because no original file will be available on the records. Make sure to have a talk with the vendor from whom you purchased the course and request them for refund.

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